Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lets go crazy..lets get NUTZ

It never rains but that it pours, wha'?

Now my appliances have decided to have break downs of a sort. My appliances that are only 2 years old..not EVEN 2. We bought them in March 2005 but they weren't delivered until we took possession of this house in May 2005. that I see that in type, lets call 'er two years.
Thursday, washer decides its not gonna run. I fix it by draining it and cleaning the filter. Yay, Handyme.
Last night there is water on the laudry room floor. I did no laundry yesterday..whats up with that. Pulling out the washer shows a pool of water under the washer and dryer. We pull out both, wipe up water....pop of crap stick on tiles to see wet plywood with a bit of mildew. Heat goes up, fan is brought in, Lysol is sprayed repeatedly. It seems the hot water connection has been dripping. Today I cleaned intake filters (Yay, Handyme!) and we still are waiting to put the appliances back into place. Need some flooring or new crap tiles.
A while back a door shelf on my 2 year old beautiful Frigidaire came off. Yesterday it came off again.
This morning i slept in and when I got up I had the house to myself!! Wheee. then I saw the glass interior shelf of said Frigidaire is proped against the kitchen wall with the plastic framing of it all broken. My 2 year old Stainless Fucking Steel Exterior Frigidaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breaking down like some old cheap ass piece of CRAP. Refrigerator people!! Oy! Put METAL framing back into your interiors PLEASE!!!!
There is seriously not enough coffee for this.


Shelby said...

You have a GREAT blog - dropped in to say hi and happy SUNDAY :)

Suldog said...

Buck up, little camper! Just think of the people in this world who do not have refrigerators and water heaters and whatnot.

Ugh. That's even more depressing, isn't it? Never mind.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Nice try Suldog. Ever try washing clothes by hand for 5?

Hey, Alison: I love ya and all but I really didn't need all those bad washing machine vibes you sent this way! Crap.... Double crap...It just seems like yesterday that I forked out almost $500.00 to replace the motor and another part in that SOB, and now it's not working AGAIN? GRRRRR

Have a nice day!

Aurora said...

Can we all just agree that being grown ups sucks?

Hope it gets better. Much love and hugs!

Debra Aubin said...

Now you have me all paranoid cause we have to start fridge hunting. Be warned of pretty but cheap plastic pieces. Lesson learned.