Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

This is my weekend but the pictures are all out of order because I suck at this stuff that way.

This is me and my gurrrls Marla and Barb...Barb is in the middle. She is a knitter extraordinaire as well as homesteader that I became friends with when I had my shop. She was just starting to get into the animals then and I had disposed of my flock. She's oringinally from Poland and a former Canadian Armed Forces member.
Marla is a sailor girl since she is married to a thoroughly boat addicted man. And she can fix just about anything!!!!!! We hooked up in Bridgewater to gab and rummage through the bins at Frenchy's. I got a garbage bag load of clothes for the kids for 53 bucks. Gap..Ralph Lauren..LL Bean..
This is my latest stash enhancement. While on our way to Bridgewater saturday morning after seeing a boat in Chester, we stopped in Mahone Bay for coffeee and since we were there I had to hit Have A Yarn on Main St, the best yarn shop on the south shore. Heather had box of Fleece Artist seconds and I could have spent much much more than I did. You know, I really need to be independently wealthy some day....anyhoo, at 85 cents per 10 grams it was a savings of more than 50% and I have enough Fleece Artist sock yarn now for 6 pair o'socks.
How luscious is THAT?? And FA seconds skein is better than anything at Walmart. Seriously.

This is what we awoke to on Thursday morning, the day of the long drive East. Made longer still by.......

THIS!!!!!!!!! Lovely driving conditions we had as an April storm decided to hit Eastern Canada. Piss me offf.. It slowed us down considerably.
And going through New Brunswick was NO BETTER!!
Yet it was all worth it to sit at the table Friday morning, sipping coffee and gabbing with the mother of these gorgeous offspring Heather and Scamper.......
Scamper's favorite position is up on the shoulder so's he can be snuggled long time. He's no longer a youngster, being a much older brother to his human sister.
We basically vegged out Friday until Jessie called to say she'd returned home from an outting and then we descended on her and Harvey like fleas on a juicy juicy dog. All 6 of us. Jessie had handme downs for me and Julie and a lovely visit and wardrobe enhancement was thoroughly enjoyed. I got some kick ass stuffs and what was too small for my girth sometimes fit Julie. We are a similar build and size but my chest is broader.
Friday night we hung out at Julies sipping shiraz and eatting and visiting with Julie's Pal Dawn who brought he daughter samantha with her. Sam is Heather's best pal so all 4 kids had a blast together. Once the kids were abed us two mommies stuffed plastic eggs with candy and laid out the Saturday Morning Mommy Made Egg Hunt because Heather would be off with her Dad the rest of Easter weekend. These guys had such a fun time!! Too funny.
Saturday: egg hunt...in the car boat "shopping"....Frenchy's and Yarn shop...errands.... Dropped the boys at Jessie's for the evening so HM, me, Julie, and her friend Janice could go see 300 at the Imax. What an awesome flick I must say. I was rivetted. But while we were enjoying ourselves the snow outside that had begun late in the day had gotten much much worse. We retrieved our kidlets from the spoilings of Aunty Jessie who had taken THEM to a movie, and went back to Julie's to feast on DONAIRS!!!!! and discuss the movie. Janice stayed over because of the snow and because..well, who'd want to leave such scintillating entertainment and company??
Sunday.. the boys found what the Bunny left them, we visited my brother Ian and his wife, HM cooked supper for us at Julie's while I visited with my sister again. An earlier night was had Sunday night and Monday morning it was back on the road to come home. How's that for a weekend????????????????
Dontcha wish your weekend was fun like mine? Dontcha wish your weekend was as hot as mine??(channeling the Pussycat Dolls right now)


Scrappytbear said...

that sounds like a very busy weekend. NICE driving. That sucks! And you had such a long way to go.
Welcome home!
OK I tagged you. Since you didnt visit me, you deserve a tag anyway ;) So go to my blog to see what evil chore I have for you!

Whaledancer said...

Aaaawww maaaaaaannnnn