Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wonder Drug....

Last night I bypassed the Sudafed and grabbed good ol' Allegra D which is what I take during hayfever season. An hour or so later I was breathing freely. Mwhahahahahaha. But I couldn't sleep very well. Every little noise seems to wake me up because I don't have Sir Snoresalot in bed next to me drowning out the nighttime noises of Cameron flopping around in his noisy ass bunk bed, and traffic outside our home. That and having the flu makes me have to pee alot apparently. Who knew?
Yesterday I recieved a Mary Kay catalogue from my niece for Richard to order things for my birthday and Christmas. Lovely stuff that Mary Kay. Once you use it its hard to go back to other products. I want the Timewise cleanser for sure! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I hate having to take numerous steps in my skin care (Thats any steps over the number two). Timewise cleans, exfoliates, and tones all in one product. Then slap on some moisturiser and you are good to go. Unless you are fussier than I and want to add on eye cream, lip stuff, and sunscreen. Not me. I will forget to use them (as time has proven). I am interested also in the weekly Microdermabrasion stuff too. Anything to help this face. My crinkles are becomeing crevasses and I have a full set of luggage under my eyes. Don't get me started on the adult acne!!!!!! ARGH! Lip lines now! Can you believe it?? When the hell did they show up??? And the forehead..or as I like to call it, my washboard. Because of the deep lines..get it? Ok..not my best stuff.
Am I panicking because birthday #39 is looming in a month or so? Ummmm..... no I don't think so. Frankly, I'm amazed I'm still here! Every so often I start out on a skin care regimen and if it lasts any length of time, its a wonder. Good old forgetful me. But I know Mary Kay products are worth the money. The old face is getting to reflect my tiredness, so I'll start treating it a bit better.
39......last step before 40. Will I freak out next year? I don't know. The only time I ever freaked about my age was when I got the math wrong and thought I missed a year.

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