Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Its cloudyish and chilly and I have class tonight. The drive into the city lies in wait ahead of me like a big turd on the lawn of my day. Nuff said.
Yesterday in the city was quite nice. I didn't manage to get to the herb shop or the yarn shop. I had the Echo so my maps were not there when I needed them. Dang. I didn't have to go to Scarlet's AND Richard was going to pick up the boys from service de garde so I had absolute freedom for the afternoon!! I coulda stayed out til after bedtime if I wanted! So I browsed Librarie Astro for books and..went home. Whats up with that!!? I got hungry and tired and wanted my sofa. zzzz I didn't actually get to nap because the man came home and started cooking supper but after I picked up the kids for him I ditched every one for a hot bath and bed with books. I took a break to go online for awhile but then went back to bed. I am so dull.
Gotta do laundry and homework. Want to go back to bed just thinking about it.