Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am chilly. Its rainy and dreary out and I just want to wrap up in a blanky and sleep the day away. But I haven't.
The chimney cleaning guys were here. It costs twice as much here to get our chimney cleaned. Oy! But they did a lovely job and were very sweet. Apparently the chimney was very dirty. Maybe it will draw better this year.
I made Cold Relief Balm. Olive oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and essential oils of Cajeput, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Its for rubbing on the chest, throat, or nose when you have a cold. Shouldn't give that burny cold feeling like Vicks. I rubbed some under my nose as a test for irritation. No skin irritation and my nasal passages are clearer...LOL. Guess it works. Cammie has been suffering with a sniffly something for days. This may give some night time relief so he can sleep better.
Made a hair appointment for Saturday. I need a trim.
Mailed Jessie's birthday present scarf. Its early but I wrote on the package to leave until her birthday. Will she listen?? I'm betting yes. She will be so tickled because it matches her hat. She sent a nice card to thank us for having them visit. HELLO!?? I'm so thankful someone came to visit! I miss my family a lot, wackos that they are. An example:
Mom: Kenny called last Tuesday to wish me happy birthday.
Me (sarcastically): phhbbt..yeah... in OCTOBER! Couldn't even get the right month! (this is me proving what a good child I am as opposed to the
Mom: No it wasn't! (always defending her brood)
Me: When did he call again?
Mom: Only a week late!
Me: Hello?! You're birthday was the he called in October!!!
Mom: Wha..? Oh...thats right too...I wasn't thinking.
Me: All the time with the not thinkin'!!!
And then we laugh and laugh.... and she tells me to pound sand and that I'm as bad a tease as Ian, my brother.
I am a horrid torment to my mother. A) Because I can , and B) I think she likes it. Gives her something to gripe about.
Yup...goin' to Hell.

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Vicky said...

Hey are too funny!!!!! You always have a stroy to tell. Wanda told me that you had a blog as well.