Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sweat, chill sweat, chill

Sweat! Is it the virus trying to escape or WHAT!? I break out into a sweat and have to remove my sweater. Then I get chilly and have to put my sweater back on. Grrrrrrrrr. Right now I am drenched because I got all crazy and vacuumed the foot of dust from under the beds upstairs. Holy dustbunnies, Batman! I grabbed a towel and am trying to stop sweating and watch the first 20 minutes of the View. Feel kinda wobbly too. How weird is that?
I may need another shower before this day is done. This will go great with the 3 hot hot hot baths I had yesterday trying to chase away bouts of chills. Who's a prune? I'm a prune!
I don't know why but I totally want to wash down my bedroom and maybe rearrange it. It could use it no doubt! Base boards etc hold onto the dust even with vaccuuming. It would make it smell nice too. I stripped my bed yesterday and Ben's today. I will get to Cameron's before the day is out. Yup, nothing like:
Clean sheets and a sooooooolid alibi. Yup.

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