Friday, October 13, 2006

Its Friday..*party music plays in background*

I love the weekend. No school to get the kids ready for. No homework to nag at them about. I can ditch the kids with their Dad. HA! Freedom of Friday I feel your power!! woohoo.
I literally slept yesterday away. It was a sucky day and I was feeling drained. Went back to bed in the morning, showered, got kids for lunch, took them back and curled up on the sofa for more zzzz's. Went to bed before 11 pm and slept well all night. Cameron woke me at 6 with a cough. I rubbed the relief remedy on his chest, throat, and under his nose. He likes the smell he says. :oD Then I got him half a spoonful of Fir Honey (from Intermiel) for his throat clearing type cough. He felt fine by 8. I have been up since. Way chilly this morning!!!!! So I made a fire in the woodstove to kick the chill from the house. Mmmmmmmm. Nothing like DRY wood for a fire. Our wood always gets damp and this mornings fire was with wood thats been in the box since last spring...LOL. Nice and dry. Burned niiiiice.
I ripped out Cameron's hat yesterday too and restarted it. Going MUCH better this time. After that its new slippers for Ben, then more hats of a different pattern.
Anyhoo..thats about it for this place. I'm rested, the sun is shining. What could be better? Maybe some shopping..................... ;>)

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