Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesdays..rainy rainy Wednesdays....

My throat is scratchy. I'm either catching whatever Cameron has been toying with for 2 weeks or I accidentally inhaled too much powdery stuff from the bath soak powder I'm making. REALLY! Its bath powder, not some other white powder!!
When I shake the container some powder escapes and I may have inhaled it. So now I am having an herbal tea with hunny to soothe my throat, and jumpin's its some good. Its one of the Northern Delights Inuit inspired tisanes, Arctic Blend. I got the sampler box again because I couldn't remember which ones I liked best so the box comes with all 5. Arctic Blend is a winner.
The bath soak... to sell at the Yule Fair or give as gifts. Nathlie offered to soplit her table with me since I offered to help her man it. I said no because I don't want to compete with her stuffs (hello!? No competition..her stuffs rock hard!!) but now I'm thinking hmmmmm.... How much would I need to make, what would I charge? hmmm. Can't leave it to the last moment either. I am hoping to go to the gem show and get stuff for making wands . Maybe I could sell those as well since that was my original plan. I haven't debarked (unbarked? skinned?) the sticks yet either.
Man am I lazy!!

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