Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday night

It was a week of illness. And it doesn't seem to be ending. I literally spent the entire afternoon in bed. Sleeping. Like a frikkin' rock. I was stuffy headed and sore eyed for the morning and finally gave it up around 12:30. Yesterday I slept the morning away on the sofa and then the afternoon as well. Last night I was in bed before midnight and had no trouble sleeping at all. Tonight? We shall see. I do feel better than I did this morning though.
Acne too. I am plagued with the acne. It could be worse I know but its like my skin is NEVER clear.
All this need for sleep is a bit worrisome. My energy level is zip and was before I got sick as you know from reading here. I love sleep but this is getting silly.
Losses of the week: Jess lost Moushie, and my nephew and his lovely wife discovered that their expected baby wasn't. There is nothing in the sac! I found out last night before I mailed a funny little gift Thank Gods. I have spoken a bit to my sister and she's pretty sad at losing a grandbaby. I feel for Vick. To be expecting a longed for baby, going through all the symptoms etc and then finding out there is nothing there. Which is worse? Miscarriage or no carriage?? I don't know since I never had this kind of thing happen.
Now the kids are fighting. Over nothing. Yay.

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