Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aaaaalll Byyy Myseeeeelf...

I wanna be..aaaalll byyy myyyyself.
These kids have me near mental since 7ish this morning. Bicker bicker bicker wake me up play tv too loud. Dammmit!!!!!!! Grrrrr. I ranted at husband to go kill them and bury them in the back yard. He laughed at me. I raved and bitched and he giggled and said he loved that even in my despair, I am funny. Go me. Rah.
He is off to the wild and woolly streets of Toronto until Wednesday.!! This could be problematic.
** running footsteps sound in the background behind my screams and fade into the distance as I run for the asylum**
We bought puzzles at Zellers today. Folks, nOW is the time to stock up on this years jigsaw puzzles. The selection is GOOD and the prices not insane. Ben got a 500 and a 1000 piece puzzles. Cammie got 2 100 piece puzzles. I sent them to their territories whilst I made supper, to chill and work quietly on their puzzles. Peace...blessed peace. Now they are chattering and bickering etc while Ben is working at his puzzle (500 piecer) of a tiger.
Lately i do not want to socialize much . I just want to sleep or shop. Or EAT. Is it the approach of winter and our gray weather lately? Is the cloud of depression always on the horizon, now over my head requiring more milligrams of Paxil? I just want to pull the covers over my head and be taken out when its all over. How sucky is that?
Maybe I'm just cranky. And no, it is not PMS.
I tried calling a friend but friend didn't sound very thrilled with life either and was kinda short and cranky. Maybe was a bad time to call, maybe she herself is starting to sink again.
We had a big frost last night...brrrrr. The Shoo Fly Plants gave it up. What a mess. They have been gamely blooming right up to now but the freeze was hard enough to wilt their leaves and make them really quite icky to look at. Same with the morning glories (also known as the Morning Glories That Consumed My Lamp Post!!) So the shoofly plants came out and the 'glories were yanked, torn, cursed at and finally cut away from the post and yanked out. There were maybe 20-30 pounds of vines from 3 plants!! Many many many seeds were dropped and threaten the existance of the neighborhood next year. We shall see what spring brings in the way of rampant volunteer seedlings.
I need pie.

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