Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell....

.. and so is Cameron. He has had this sniffly minor cough thing going for about three weeks. THREE! Today he actually slept in until 10 to 8. I let him. I figured he needed it and decided I was keeping him home today to lay on the couch and/or sleep. He says his neck, legs, and eyes hurt and his nose is still stuffy. He is cheery though and ate toast and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Just finished a cereal bar and grapes too. See? Not at deaths door by any stretch, but run down from this niggling not quite sick-ness.
As for throat hurts up into my ear and I'm feeling a bit scratchy in the chest. Hot drinks and vitamins for all! I made chai for Cameron, sweetened with honey( for its throat soothing properties), now hopefully he will actually drink it. I don't hold any great hopes. I have another Inuit blend from the Northern Delights brand in my mug. Its called Labrador. I like it better than the Ground Juniper. Kinda like mint tea but richer.
Bye for now from The Home Of The Unwellingtons.


Tigerlily said...

The Unwellingtons... that so sounds like a good name for a sitcom! Be well again soon.


Whaledancer said...

Thanks TL.