Saturday, October 07, 2006


What a week! Freckles still hasn't returned and I think we have to accept that she isn't coming home. However, I will light a brown candle (Scarlet's suggestion) to call her home. I posted 11 posters in the neighborhood (on mail box units) on Thursday morning so many folk should be able to read that she's gone and if anyone knows where she is, can call us. So far, no calls that we have been here to recieve.
Yesterday was the last day of Marla's visit. She arrived Tuesday afternoon after driving from Nova Scotia. Tuesday night i dragged her into Montreal while I was in class so that she could browse Chapters etc. Thursday night I did the same thing but she went to Melange (at my suggestion) and thats where I found her after 8 PM. She bought goodies for the kids and herself. Then we shopped on St Catherine's St. until we were hungry for our supper and zipped home. Friday (yesterday) was a gorgeous day so we went to Dorwin Falls for a hike. Marla, Richard (took a day off), Cameron and his buddy Mathieu (annoying kid from next door), and I had a fantastic time hiking, playing, soaking up Nature's calming vibe, sketching, getting wet crossing to the island and admiring everything including 2 beaver dams. (well, we didn't all play and sketch but you get the idea..everyone enjoyed themselves) Home for food and rest and after I picked Ben up from service de garde, Marla got ready and hit the road for NS.
Mathieu is not such a bad kid. Yes he gets on my nerves and yes he and Benoit just cannot get along for any extended period of time BUT he and Cameron get along fabulously and have a great time together. He was awesome on our outing and he and Cammie thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I'm glad Richard thought to invite him because I wouldn't have.
I started trying out Breathe Right strip this week. Our snoring is insane!!! So far I think they are helping me a lot. As soon as I put on the small/medium sized strip I can breathe through my nose much more freely. Better breathing usually means less snoring and better sleep. I have to say that I think I am sleeping better, less tossing and waking since I got the strips Wednesday. Not cheap though. 10 strips costs almost 9 dollars so if you buy them and they DON'T work you are out an not insubstantial chunk of change. But if they DO work, you may be glad to have made the purchase. I think I am. Definitely try them if you have a tendency to be congested because they pull open your nasal passages and really increase the ol' air flow. They have mentholated ones for colds too but I'd just smear some Vick's carefully under the nose rather than buy another box of stripos. OOOOH and Melange Magique has Badger Balm for Winter congestions!!!! Badger Balm comes in several formulations and sweet little tins. Its damned expensive BUT made with fairly natural ingredients rather than petroleum products and chemicals so I'd say worth the cost. Super cool.
Knitting has slowed down this week since I had company. I made a scarf to match the hat I gave my sister and it will be mailed out for her birthday later this month. I have started a hat for Cameron like the double knitted one for Ben but I have some buggered stitches in it...they won't be seen once its finnished, but still. Maybe I should rip it out and begin again.
It is Thanksgiving Weekend. I read about a gratitude journal a family updates every Thanksgiving and I wonder if maybe I should adopt the practice. Basically, each member of the family lists 5 things they are grateful or thankful for. After sharing their lists the family puts them in the journal or album. I also thought that from a Pagan perspective a Light Journal would be an awesome family project for Winter Solstices. The family members would then list those things that bring light into their lives as they focus on the return of the Sun/rebirth of the God. Different phrasing but essentially the same thing and with a Pagan bent. Decor for the book would be easily scrapbooked with suns, stars, candles, sparkly stuffs etc etc etc.
Think about it!
Also, Marla had a Solstice tree at one of her celebrations where each guest wrote what brings light into their lives on a yellow sun shaped paper and hung it on the little table top tree. This was very cool.
Samhain approaches and the days are darker, cooler, more colorful and rich. There is nothing that compares to the blue of an October sky with the colored leaves against it. Find the time to bask in October's waning light and enjoy the jewels that are Nature's gift.
Blessed Be.


Tigerlily said...

Oh reading your story jerks at my heart strings from two years ago when our cat, Oliver, ran away. I was eight months pregnant with my son, trying to walk all the paths with my daughter calling out his name, posting posters, etc. It was in the heat of the summer and I almost keeled over with exhaustion looking for that darn cat. Perhaps Freckles will come back. It's not the right season for cats to really run off, as it's getting colder outside. Scarlet had an excellent suggestion of lighting a brown candle. I can do some pendulum divining if you like, but I need a location to divine via a map. If you want to send it to me, send it email: faeryfreya @

I'll try other divination methods and see what else I can find for you.

Whaledancer said...

My pendulum says she's dead

Whaledancer said...

Also says she will come home..but that she's dead. Weird eh?