Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just sick enough.......

.........to feel like a big sack of rancid poo. Eyes hurt, body aches, headaches, chills, some congestion in the head, and scratchy throat and chest. Nothing major, just enough feel crappy and sad. A restless night was had and Ben woke me for real at about 6:30. I got up, got the fire going again (everything is so damp!) and got Cammie some breakfast since Ben had done his. Then I snuck upstairs for a hot soak in the tub until 7:30ish to get warm.
Cameron and I started battling the snot monster with a vengeance yesterday. I got him some Dimetapp, extra strength, zinc/vitamin C lozenges, and nasal spray (saline). Mwahahahahahaha. Take that clogged nose. We spray his nose, wait a few seconds and then he blows for all he's worth. Yes! He can finally blow his nose. He has never been able to coordinate everything before and get the nose blown. Then we repeat the saline spray and blow again. His comments? "Wow! My node id empty!" and "Oooh..my ear popped!" The kid is a walking Snot Head! He says he's feeling a bit better now that he can blow. Less pressure in that noggin.
And then there was me this morning. Light hurt my eyes even when they were closed so I went back to my bed, blinds drawn and snoozed for another hour or so after the boys were gone. I had started the coffeee and popped Sudafed and Advil. I woke still headachey so I took more Advil and drank coffee. Headache mostly gone. Perhaps a caffeine withdrawal more than sinuses. I didn't have any yesterday really (one cup of chai doesn't count in my intake requirements). Coffee is soooooo my friend. I have the whole pot to myself, and if I don't crash after lunch I'm gonna fold the mondo amounts of clean laundry I have waiting, and disinfect the bathrooms. Yeah! Caffeine!
Benoit is showing signs that his Concerta dosage is not high enough. He has been on the 18 mg dosage (lowest) for almost two years and in the last month has been showing signs its just not helping much anymore. I called MCH again today and hopefully they will get back to me ( the Attention Deficit Clinic). We have an appointment with a CLSC doctor next week but I really don't hold much hope for that.
I am so tired of running into the brick wall of needing family doctor before we can see a pediatrician ... we haven't been able to find a GP that is taking new patients AND speaks english. The CLSC has been no help beyond giving me phone numbers and addresses of local clinics which have yielded zippo. This morning as I was dealing with some rude folk on the phone I was near tears. What am I going to have to do? Fly home for dr's appointments??????
My last PAP was abnormal and I needed to see a Gyno. All was deemed fine but that was two or three years ago. Abnormalcies need to be kept watch over more regularly that that but since I can't find a GP, what am I to do? I'll ask the DR next week when Ben has his appointment. Maybe they do them at the CLSC but truly, I am uncomfortable with that and fear that I will just fall through the cracks if there is a problem again, since its not our family doctor.
Frustration frustration frustration.
But my coffee is helping.

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