Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Gotta love 'em! I bought a pack of Mary Engelbriet fat quarters yesterday at ..Walmart..(boo hiss.... but they have non expensive cotton prints!). Also got new needles for the machine for the construction. Need a bulb and have to rummage for thread and an empty bobbin. See what being organised would accomplish??! I'd be sewing now instead of thinking about it.
I rummaged around and found my fabric stash that I had planned on giving away back in NS but it accidentaly got packed on the truck so its here. GOOD! I am even adding to it..bad. I ripped apart a shirt I no longer wear for the fabric and am eyeballing Richard's wardrobe for plaid shirts I can make "disappear" into my horde. This is because I want to try a "typing- paper" quilt block where you papaer foundation a string pieced square or triangle. I'll do the square and use newsprint for the foundation because it will rip away easier when done. Planning this meant I dug out my far from finished blue and yellow log cabin project (4 years and still only TWO blocks completed). they are soooooooo pretty. I have 40 (FORTY) blocks half finished and my idea is that I'll sew them together and make the kiddy quilt for Annika (grand neice 3). I do an assembly line type of piecing for log cabins that is way less labor intensive than individual strips being pieced to indidvidual blocks. Its the" quilt in a day (weekend)" method. For me on my planet a day or weekend is 4 years (plus) apparently..hee hee. Now, whats hard is that I planned that quilt painstakingly, picking prints I reeeaaaalllly like together. Its VERY pretty...sigh. I still have strips cut and sewn together for the next rows and they only need ironing (AGAIN) and to be sewn on..The guilt is very strong here. I reeeeeaaaallly wanna do the NEW project but the old one keeps looking at me. the throw it together and mail it idea is a quick fix and makes it go away but I feel like I'm trying to abandon a child..or at least a kitten! that was the quilt I was going to keep for us and have on MY bed (eighty blocs or more required..BLEAH). I'm just not cut out for big projects.
We measured the walls for wall pare. When I say "we" I mean Richard..but i wrote the numbers down! 160 sqare feet (approx.). Holy crap what a pile o'paper! Thats..wait a sec..umm..SEVEN rolls of not cheap wall paper. Eeeeek. Its really pretty...but SEVEN rolls! holy buckets!
Maybe we should re think the whole wallpaper idea...

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