Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Its a lovely day and I'm feeling well, better than yesterday anyways. Love that tummy bug we're still messing with. NOT!
Melange has a new employee that I got to meet yesterday. He's friendly and chatty and thrilled to have the job which is excellent.
Must do something for supper for a valentines...something fun. Hmmmmmm. Won't have enough time to bake a heart cake...or would I?
To make a heart shaped cake you need both a round cake and a square one. Cut the round one in half and stick the halves on two sides of the square to form a heart shape. I think some trimming might be involved but thats the basic premise. oooh cherry chip cake with white and red icing? sprinkles? the kids would be happy. Or maybe happier with all vanilla cake really.
Joyce came for an overnighter last night. I was home for 10 minutes after my MPRC shift when the phone rang and she was looking for a place to stay because the plan with her sis fell through. No problem but I was very PMSing by then so was tired and cranky all evening. Feel bad but I had no time to work on my happy face. I was nicer to everyone this morning though! :oD We had nice coffee girl chat before she left for Quebec and after everyone else had left.
Off I go...laundry etc calls!

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