Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh My G----- Calling all stitchers

I was shopping yesterday at Jean Coutu for Valentine's treats for the boys and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a lovely magazine from Australia on patchwork AND embroidery. Oh I must look at this says I to myself. It was a stitchery special issue of Country something or other (quilts? patchwork? threads?) and looked fun so I bought it. At home later when I had a mo to look through it more out popped two giant sheets of PATTERNS. gasp!! I feel light headed just thinking about it. All these cute as can be stitching patterns just waiting to be traced onto some nice muslin or something and worked into a quilt or wall hanging or something. The quilt ideas in the pages of the magazines are intriguing too. I am VERY pleased with this purchase and it is a keeper! I will have to start a new collection of embroidery flosses soon. Oh! And there is even a sweet little DOLL pattern. I always wanted to try dollmaking. siiiigh. blissful content.
Thats about it for here.


Aurora said...

OOHHHHHH! Must go a-hunting!

Whaledancer said...

heehee..ain't I a stinkah?