Monday, February 06, 2006

Know what burns my ass.?

...I mean besides a flame about 2.5 feet high..
I'm walkin' along today to have my shift at the MPRC desk when I come along a guy sippin' a fresh coffee and he chucks some wrappers on the sidewalk. Actually he just let them drop..he was even to arrogant to "chuck" them. I was incensed. I gave him the usual self riteous glare reserved for double parkers and child molesters and as I walked past I bent and picked the wrappers up to deposit in the next avaiable trash can. "Pig!" I muttered NOT quietly. ARGH! Where do these people come from??? Where in his upbringing was he led to believe that littering is OK??? @#$%^&*#$^%&
MPRC duty was wonderful. Dimitri was probably hating me there because Nat and I like to chat a bit as does Shirley. JEEZ its just like high school where I was dubbed the catalyst by teachers ( Helllooo Miss Dorrington!!). If there was a knot of gabbers I was in the middle. Oooopppppssss... I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! Not many visitors though. poop. On the plus side I am loving my Bonewits book! What a hoot!
Nathalie and I are coming along with that quilting workshop we brainstormed in the fall. I need to draw up a padded outline and then find out when Scarlet might like this to happen. I should be able to work it all out this week, email it to Nathalie for Input and changes and then fix it. its not just quilting but some history, folklore and magic as well. Beginner quilting with a magical slant. Very cool. And part of it would be encouraging attendees to create their own Stitch n' Witch groups...heehee.
Benoit had a bit of a day. He forgot he had to STAY at school and took the bus home!!! OY! The things that happen when you have no idea! Richard was called at work and wracked his brain trying to track down where Ben might be since noone was home. He was safe and sound across the street at Mathieu's house and a lady from the service de garde came and picked him up. Holy buckets! I think Richard has FINALLY calmed down. maybe.
What a day!!!!!!!!

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