Thursday, February 09, 2006


As the day wore on I felt better. Tonight I rented Wallace and Gromit and The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit for the kids as they have no school tomorrow. Cameron and I have such similar senses of humor and we did a lot of giggling. Heaps in fact. Funny funny kid I have.
I did do a tiny bit of sewing today for the first time in ages. I dded a color to some log cabbin block that were started 4 years ago. I have thought about what Ceri said at her blog about just taking it as it comes (not her exact words) rather than stressing about the amount of work to do. So I decided to try harder about not getting overwhelmed and this will be my "test" I guess. :oD With the new sewing table I have set up AND ORGANISED sewing was a pleasure. Saturday Cameron has a birthday party to go to and Richard and Ben will be gone skiing. I might get an hour or so to putter away at it.
Soon I should get some seeds started. Its so weird not to have several catalogues open all over the house while I whittle down the contenders. I have some flower seeds I ordered last year to start..rose campion, shoo-fly plant, and calendula. The trick with calendula is that it likes dark for germination but since it joyously self sows in the garden, I don't see that its much of a trick!
We will build some more raised beds this spring for veggies. We had great masses of tomatoes and cukes this year in the raised bed by the back step. I am hoping to make that an herb garden this year. What to plant....? Lovage, chives, thyme, lavender....... hmmm. What herb can you not be without? I'm drawing a blank here...
As for veggies...hmmm? the kids loved the climbing cukes so more of that for sure and fewer tomatoes. Royal Burgundy bush beans for sure too.
Enough rambling. Off i go.

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