Monday, February 06, 2006

Congraduations to me and all others........

Yesterday was the CMS Imbolc Rit and Graduation. It was joyous and a tad mysterious in that the level 3b's had to meet challenges within the circle that were invisible to those of us not involved. Weird and interesting in a "how'd they do, feel, see, experience that??!" way. Veeery cool. Met Ash for the first time though I'd heard his name bandied about. Very big handsome man. Autumn was there too which was in itself lovely. She is so ..whats the word... kind..?, I guess, is the closest I can come to. Scalet looked great..relaxed almost (as if!) but so full of happiness and hugs! And wreathed in smiles. Soooo nice to see her happy. And Hobbes was very nice..for a change..HA! Just kidding. He was very nice to be with as well. And Rosanne made me laugh hardest of all when she revealed Jess's true magical name...TOO FUNNY. Poor sweet un-that magicalnamelike Jess. I was laughing with you hunny..oh wait..I don't think you laughed. But sweety it WAS funny because its so opposite YOU. Kudos Rosanne!
I enjoyed myself very much. Hobbes thanked me for making his first class "memorable"...what does that meeeeeeaaaannn? I will quiz him..or maybe NOT! eek.
After I finally came home we went out to supper and then it was get them varmints bathed and into bed. Then I crashed and I forgot to watch Grey's Anatomy. DAMNIT! Richard says it was excellent and his favorite part was George's dream sequence of girl on girl action. He regrets George waking up! LOL Must see the rerun.
Now for a peeve: Warning mild rant!
I bought Patrisha Telesco's Witch's Book Of Wisdom last week and so far am regretting it. Its very generalised information except for the odd bit here and there and I am PEEVED with myself for buying it. ARGH. It is not that great and is just real substance. Is she so consumed with producing material that she's just putting a bit of fluff on the pages now? What up???! weak weak weak weak....
Rant over..oh wait ALSO I am peeved because I lost the receipt and can't take the damn thing back and exchange for something better. ARGH damn it!
Ok...Now I'm done.
I'm going to the MPRC today so I gotta go get ready. Love and blessings to all who swim by and all who were in attendence yesterday. You all rock my world. in a good way.


T. Scarlet said...

If you had asked, I would have advised a different book. There are namy of her other books that are real good. But and "Book of Wisdon" is the fluff for the fluffy bunny folks who are not into serious magic and stuff.

Whaledancer said...

Since when do I HAVE to ASK???! ;op

Aurora said...

I was kind-of laughing in the ha-ha- i'm gonna beat you up way. ;)

Anyways i'm glad you enjoyed the rit!

Owldaughter said...

You're such a sweetheart! I'll tell Ash what you think of him too. :)