Friday, February 24, 2006


Could someone PLEASE tell me where this week went??? Its Friday, the break is almost over and we have done sweet FA. No day trips.. The most excitement we've had in this house is the daily get dressed fight. "Guys its 2pm...get dressed already" " NO! We like our jammiezs!!" "Yeah..ok......whatever..."
Last night was grown up night. I had to get gussied up and attend a function with Richard and meet millionaires and stuff. Man are they BORING!!! With all that money you think they'd get them selves a personality or something! All these guys do is fucking WORK and get richer. What is up with that???? Why work for the sake of working? Yes, tis true that hard work in the right field can make one rich ...and still dull. All they talk about is business and us wives that don't work in the industry (many many many DO) smile and drink and try not to slit our own wrists....LOL Gotta love that free wine even if its not that great. The meal was very different in theory but ho hum in flavor though presented very nicely. Some sort of wrapped salad (in wonton wrappers) that to me tasted like soap. It was the greens in it ( the name escapes me but they always taste like soap to me.). The soup was cream of artichoke which sounds divine but was salty with ham like flavor. meh. The main course was kinda combination plate...filet mignon of veal (I think) and saltimbocca with baby patty pans, one spear of asparagus and a braised bok or pak choy. The side dish was millet...yeah thats right BIRDSEED!!! Ok ok I know millet is a grain and have been curious as to how it is served but I will never eat it again unless dying of starvation or some horrid millet deficiency disease. BLEAH. Dessert was a lovely something or other with hazelnuts and caramel. YUM. Thumbs up. the coffee was ok and the amaretto tasty.
I stole a floral centerpiece (is it stealing if you have permission?? Its more fun to swipe it though) made up of a bird of paradise bloom and a red bromelliad bloom (I think) and lovely greenery with 2 blue LED lights in there. Veronica got a double bromeliad one..we giggled like the girly thieves we are. HA! Take that, boring folk!
On the plus side my suit for the occasion ( 9 bucks at the centraide comptoir) looked ok and my shoes didn't hurt much! My make up was just right in my humble opinion..I was able to smooth out my bushy pagan bling from christmas looked lovely with the grey suit and I got compliments and told I'd lost lots of weight! I haven't really since some folk saw me last but my hair is a different color and style, and the suit's cut did flatter the bulges.
All of this sounds so vapid and shallow. Welcome to my world!!!!! ROFL
Can't wait for Spring any longer...had to start seeds on Wednesday. Principe Borghese tomatoes, Shoo fly plant( ), hairy beardtongue (penstemon hirusutis)( ), Morgenrot Maltese Cross(, and Rose Campion ( ). I feel better. Forgot to start a few teasel seeds though( whoops. its a pain in the arse if it seeds but is a striking conversation piece in the gardens.
What has come of us if a once widely used plant is relagated to weed/conversation piece status? Wierd when you think about it and yet soooo many once revered plants are in that place. Purslane? Dandelion? Plantain? Many would be herbalists, healers, or spellcasters should start studying their own, untreated lawn with a good field guide of wild plants and weeds. Save yourself some money, experiment with wild foods etc, and harvest when the time is most conducive to intent. Nothing like getting closer to the Mother.

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