Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Its pay day its pay day its bonus day ! And I bought a book!
Richard told me last night that according to our budget for this pay, I could have $40 to buy a book. (snort of derision..get real, man!!) So he upped it to $60 but I couldn't budge him over that because we are buying wallpaper etc.. So ok, I will be content with that but I want the most bang for my buck! As I lay in bed last night fantasizing about boooooks ooooh boooooks (drool) I remembered that I have been wanting Love Is In The Earth by Melody but Scarlet told me its out of print!!!! Argh...so I go online to Chapters used books and there is a copy available for 12.00 used...with shipping it came to $18.90! That's cheaper than retail but it is used so I am hoping its in fairly good shape. Should be here in March! I hate waiting but I'm getting a dead useful book that has any crystal or stone that a witch would want to use! I've looked at other books but this one really does it for me. How to make elixirs, properties, etc... Awesome. Plus I have $40 left to spend at Melange...heeheehee. Hmmm, what to buy.....its so hard to choose. That why I really wanted a bigger budget so I wouldn't have to narrow it down too far...sigh.
Suggestions please!!!!? I like practical useful books. Some of my faves include The Fragrant Pharmacy, The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, ... I have read excerpts from some of Patricia Telesco's books and liked the practical down to earth info (Healer's Handbook in particular).
I must do groceries today I guess. Really don't want to though. I also need to shop for an evening outfit for a cocktail/dinner function we have to attend later in February. BLEAH!! I hate those things...sssssssoooooooo boring. Just park me at the bar and tell me when its over. At least I'll get new shoes out of it.
Oh well, enough of this.
I sent my journal into the city with Richard and hopefully he will drop it off at Melange by tomorrow so I don't flunk. Scarlet approved my last paper so journal work is the only thing to hold me back I think.
Off I go...groovy day y'all!

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