Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ugh its Tuesday now...whats been going on.....
Sunday we went to sleep over in Cap Rouge and then on Monday we had breakie with Grandpapa and Fernande at Mikes. It was great but since we'd forgotten Ben's meds at home he was little bouncy etc and ended up sending his full glass of apple juice pretty much into my lap. Oh well..c'est la vie with kids. After breakfast we headed to Mont Ste Anne for skiing. Holy crap.
That hill is friggin' huge and the runs take MUCH longer than I am used to. My feet and legs still have twinges of aches. If I hadn't been in pain I would have really enjoyed it. We were tired and cranky from not sleeping well so things could have gone better but the boys had a good time. Ben is a little speed demon...he just whooshes right down the hill...Cammie does more turns to keep his speed in check. Richard gets frustrated with Ben racing so far ahead of us but I understand why Ben does it. Its a thrill and he has little fear. I told Richard to chill and let him go because thats how he will learn..Richard's fear is loss of control and injury..but again thats part of learning control..what he can and can't do and pussing the envelope physically. Ben is SO like Richard. I mentioned that maybe he gave his own dad the same frustrations when he lost himself in the thrill and joy of speed and freedom. We had a laugh over that.
The boys are on break and the marathon of squabbling has begun in earnest and as I type I have a kid on my lap with tales of woe about his brother. The child from next door was over yesterday and that ended badly. I love the time to just hang with the guys with no schedule but the bickering that ensues drives me nuts.
I got nothing more done on my quilt. Too tired and sore. It will come.

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