Saturday, February 18, 2006


Finally..we are going to look at elliptical trainers today. we discussed this a couple of months ago and it was supposed to happen in January. I gave up a Curves membership in favor of a trainer for BOTH of us. Today I said that it was to happen. Richard said ok we'll go look. Is he stalling? I dunno. I fiure if he thinks we can go away for a hotel weekend (the 4 of us) then we should use that money/credit for something to help us with our bulges. A weekedn comes and is gone but the photos and some memories if you have the capacity in your brain..which is semi doubtful with me now adays. An elliptical trainer will either help us with our fitness goals or make a really great place to hang my quilting bits and pieces. I'm not talking top of the line or anything..we're talking a 200 dollar jobby not a Nordic track sell your first born and rent the other gizmo! No way! So..IT IS TIME! the queen has spoken.

Also, i had my hair done last night and I must say I think its fabulous! nancy is soooo good to me. Its soft and not so blondey and still looks good thismorning! Thats unheard of! I wonder how we can keep it this shade and not soooo blonde? Hmmm. Bought a pricey conditioning treatment to use at home too. When I came home last night Ben piped up" Mommy You're home! Oh your hair looks great! You look 10 years younger!" . Where the $%^& do they get this stuff??! :oD Too funny and very sweet.
My quilt (4 yrs and counting) it booting right along. If all goes well today (and it probably won't) I will get my final blue strips ripped and pinned on. ooooh...this is BIG!! I sewed the final yellows last night before going for my hair appointment. I need to press and trim and press to have the blocks ready for the next row of fabric (second to last row!!!) Oh My G.... Its gonna be finished sooon! Isn't it amazing what you can do if you actually sit down and do it??
After all the blocks I have are done (approx 36..some got buggered up and I've forgotten how many I had) then comes the sewing them together. then comes some bordering...might need some fabric for that. I am considering using 32 blocks for the quilt top and 4 for a coordinating pillow sham. Not written in stone yet but I am thinking on it.
More bulletins as events warrant.

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