Saturday, February 04, 2006

Don't hate me because my blog is beautiful, dahling....

....Hate Jess. Its all her fault its SO gorgeous and pretty and cute and all things nice. heeheeeheee.
It would appear that I have passed my CMS level one and am going to graduation tomorrow at 2 pm. I am happy!!
Today is skiing (the north mountains have snow).
I have started journaling what I learn from Witch's book of far I journaled the diff between charms, amulets, fetishes and talismans. Who knew? don't answer and make me feel stupid!
Had and email from Marla. She's in Florida and should be back home by March..Oh thank Gods...I have missed her so much even if it is just by phone. I'll have to try and wrangle a trip home before summer.
The cottage hunt is still on. Availability of cottages is dwindling as time passes. We want mid to late we I me ME. Nobody else cares but I know that things start cooling in August and the begining of July is too iffy. I want anytime from the 10th to the 1st of august. But I will take whatever we can get cuz I wanna go home and lay on the beach and frolic in the waves and maybe have a campfire and beach comb like crazy.
ok..gotta Blast!

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Aurora said...

Talk to me today about cottages, i know a family who rents theres out, and it is beyond beautiful!