Friday, February 03, 2006


The incomparable and wonderful girly girl Aurora of Aurora Rising is creating a beautiful blog for me..oooh itth tho pitty! (goofy baby talk)
Just thought I'd give y'all a heads up. It makes my heart beat faster just looking at it and the print she found for me is soooo reminiscent of my last whale dream that I could just jump into the picture if there wasn't this crazy thing called physics to stop me!
Why dreams are better than reality sometimes:
1) When you swim the water is NEVER cold. Its always body temerature so you hardly notice the water..just like unless its cold or hot you don't really notice the air around you!
2) You can fly!
3) You can be you but be someone else at the same time which is really weird when you try to explain it.
4) The laws of physics don't really work in the BEST possible ways (see#2 and #3).
5) No matter how weird things get you can always wake up.

I dropped of my journal homework to Scarlet at the shop since Richard was sick Wednesday and didn't take it in on Tuesday (grr). Thats ok though because I got some much needed me time doing something I enjoy, namely browsing Melange Magique and actually making a purchase. It was way nice to see Scarlet and Hobbes was there too which made it a double nice. He makes me laugh sometimes because he has that slightly (? I'm being nice here) twisted sense of humor that I enjoy so much.
I bought some bayberry stick incense (loooove it!) a new stick incense holder that I kept being drawn to, TWO books, and a rose quartz crystal. Wait a sec...hmmmmmm.....
Now here's a funny (peculiar)thing for ya:
I cleansed the crystal Wednesday night and took it out of the salt yesterday and placed it on my house figurine on my altar (there is already a goddessy rock (looks like the outline of Mary) for blessings and a toonie on this figurine for prosperity and now the rose quartz to keep the love flowing in our home). Then I didn't really think anything about it UNTIL NOW and I have made a connection . Here is my tale:
Richard came home from work yesterday and was very huggy and sweet with all of us. Last night he was very lovey dovey and told me how much he loves me and appreciates me taking care of him when he was sick and how happy he is with me (?what the??). I of course looked at him and demanded to know what he'd done with my husband or what he was up to. Then when I went to bed there was a piece of pink paper on my pillow that someone had attempted to cut into a heart (I knew what it was..a mother ALWAYS knows) and had written "iheartu"..he didn't write heart he drew one..and there were x's and o's and a couple of drawn hearts. How sweet is that???! I knew it was Ben..I just knew. So I showed it to Richard who had gotten a get well card drawn for him the day before and then I WOKE my child up to kiss him and say thank you. It couldn't wait until morning.
Now this morning Richard was veeery huggy with all of us and I have finally connected this love fest chez moi with the CRYSTAL I placed yesterday!
And you were here to witness the light going on in my dim drafty attic of a brain! HA! How cool is this?!! Don't you loooove when things just are so right in your world?
I love my guys.


Aurora said...

Your so welcome! Your boys aew so sweet!

Whaledancer said...

They really do have their moments!! :oD