Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stayin' Home Has Its Charms

The conference, and thus our trip to Puerto Rico, is cancelled. We are staying home but my sister will still come for a visit so that the airline tickets we paid for aren't a total loss. Now at least she doesn't have to be all responsible for the kids etc, but can just be our guest and relax and fall under the spell of Newman the Newnienoo. We bought a 6 pack of Rosee D'Hibiscus beer for a treat so it will be well appreciated this weekend.

This morning, before we knew we were grounded, we went shopping and got me a new bathing suit and a couple of cute summery dresses. I also got new polish for my toes (bright coral) and a new lip colour (also coral but not so bright) and new under eye concealer so I don't scare everyone in Puerto Rico with my under eye dark circles. Oh well. Now I can be pretty for a knit night. I told Hman I'd take the dresses and bathing suit back but he figures I deserve some pretties. Aaaaaawwwww. He's a keeper!

You can have your laugh, H1N1 virus. Enjoy it while you can, you nasty bug....the more of your legion that fall to the mighty Lysol the better.


kate-the-enabler said...

Way to take the high road with the positive attitude - I salute you, and Hman for thinking you need to keep the pretties. I'm really sorry that your trip got cancelled - I was looking forward to your having all sorts of fun (and then living vicariously through your blog on your return)

Scrappytbear said...

i am so sorry your trip was cancelled! What a disappointment :( But On the other hand Im really glad you are going to get to spend all that time with Jessie; and a little jealous too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry your trip got cancelled- but glad your sis is coming- and yay for new pretties.

Tara said...

You ALWAYS pritty!