Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The sun is actually trying to returnm but rain is still possible. Do I risk the clothesline? Hmmmmm
I have more garden plans for thsi season...a 4 square foot potato bin and a HOT planter on the south side foundation of the house, perched on the driveway pavers. This would make for awesome pepper growing and is close to the water to keep them from drying out. PROBLEM: Hman's boat might cast a shadow on the spot. But maybe not..must gauge sun at different times of the day.
Geeta, whom I adore, is now in big trouble with me. She sent me the Weekend Designer blog link and now I am convinced I could sew myself a skirt, a caftan, and possibly even a sundress. New obsession alert!

I think that is all.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Weekend Designer is rocking my world, girlfriend! Thanks for the linkie-poo.

Tara said...

I've been on the lookout for a new obsession, but I don't think sewing is it. I'll keep looking though!

Anonymous said...

Not following that link. Nope- nope, nope, nope.

Sam said...

Believe me - i have looked at this site, but being a graduate of Fashion Design, there is a few things to consider to get there:
- fabrics - you need a good quality fabric to get a proper fit and "tombée", since the death of Marshall's on Ste-Catherine St, I haven't seen a lot of these in Mtl
- perfect sewing skills and attention to finishing details will make or break the job.
- perfect tools: good scissors, sewing machine, good interfacing will change everything if you do not get the proper stuff.
I guess it also depends on taste, but when I will spend 10 hrs on a piece, I want it to look great on my less than perfect body.. and this also takes skills.. unless you want to wear A-line skirt, or very loose dress.. I have bought some Liberty fabric a year ago and I am still trying to find the proper pattern - which i can't seem to find in Mtl... But I know that in our town, the city has some sewing beginner course - or Effiloche must have some..

Ali P said...

There are some really good fabric shops on St.Hubert. Ginette is going to guide my sewing hands this go around and she too has fashion training. The fabric I want to use for a top we will attempt is a 100 percent silk that she has in stock that I fell in love with. Effiloche does have sewing courses for $12 an hour with Daniel Beaudet.