Thursday, April 02, 2009


So, guess what!? That monstrous fine and car tire booting? NOT OUR FAULT!!!!!

When I finally was able to talk to Hman about it he flipped. All our unpaid tickets and fines were brought up to date and cleared last year. This incident was not about the ticket in February but from two past tickets: one in 2006 and one in 2007. All of which were taken care of. Last year. Hman asked them to check back in the file and make sure he was wiping everything out. He was told the affirmative.
There are other issues at work here as how the original notices of non-payment for tickets went to our old address in Nova Scotia instead of our current address where we actually live and the address to which our cars are registered and licensed?? What is THAT about? But that is what last years clearing of the account was motivated by. ( What if we hadn't even known about the tickets because some knob had removed them from the winshield or they'd blown away? Thats why notices are sent...but we never recieved them.)

Well, apparently that computer didn't tell the other computers. Or didn't tell the system? Or the clerk made a mistake? Because Tuesday happened because of tickets from the semi-distant past which we were told no longer existed.
As for February's ticket...the cheque was sent in with the mail-in portion of the ticket and has not yet been recieved by them or its mislaid in a desk some where because the cheque has not been through our bank account and now IT is over due even though the payment was sent in a long time ago and ON TIME. It only take two days max for something to go from here to there by mail. WTF??

The decision has been made to make a stink about this booting in court. I just want our 500+ dollars back so we can afford to get Hman's car the repairs it needs. He wants blood. Figuratively speaking of course.

Another tale: a colleague of my husband was tickets while paying for his parking at the nearest automated kiosk. He stopped the officer and said "Why!? I was just paying for it!? Here's my receipt! I just GOT HERE!!?" The cop told him he was parked illegally. In a clearly designated PARKING SPACE!!!?? When colleague pointed that out, he was answered with a shrug and the comment that he had the option to contest it in court and was STILL GIVEN A TICKET. WTF!?
This leads one to contemplation: how many fraudulent tickets are given out in a year in Montreal and how many of those people ticketted have the time or resources to take a day off work to appear in court to contest it? How many fraudulent tickets get paid to avoid the hassle and the monies accrued go in city coffers?

As of yesterday morning I still felt unable to breathe properly from the bands of anxiety and stress squeezing me. My trip to the chiropractor really really helped. I love my chiropractor. Even though she hurts me. Its a good hurt that heals.


K. said...

Hey, I'm just catching up on my blog reading, I'm glad to hear that it's not your fault. I think you guys are right on with contesting the fine in court. Everyone I know who's ever contested a ticket has I'm hoping that you guys get your due :D

I hope to see you soon!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

I too am glad that this shall be straightened out! So worth a trip to's funny, our cheque to pay our school taxes was never received and sent it like a month before it was due...we had to pay a small frustrating! What do they do with all these cheques, I find it hard to believe that Canada Post would lose this many, especially within the same city!!!

keep taking deeeeep breathes! Chocolate helps too!

Anonymous said...

Ugh- bureaucratic nightmares. Can't wait to hear the outcome of the court date.

Tara said...

You're damn straight you should contest! That's just insane.