Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blah blah blah

Today was a beautiful day. Gorgeous. I went to the chiropractor, shopping for Ben's bday gift (gasp wheeze omgs too much munnies), and then home again to have lunch ready for the boys. Then, I took a nap.
I am just SO busy, non? The dishes are piled sky high, there is always laundry to do ( all...ways..), not to mention vacuumings and various sanitations of the premises.. But no...I chose to curl up on the sofa and nap because I COULD.
This morning Hman left on a wee trip to Ottawa (I think) and will be back Saturday, so technically noone is going to catch me in my more than usually slackingness until then. By which time it will all be caught up etc because that is Ben's TWELFTH birthday. We will be going bowling, having pizza and cake , having a friend for overnight, so you know I don't want reports of especially scary housekeeping leaking to the other mom's whom I don't know.
SWEATER progress: I al 2 rows away from leaving the pink and picking up the blue. Praise the yarny dieties and hallelujah because I do hate this shade of pink. I was working on it at the chiropractor's office while I waited for my turn. I was early, having misjudged how severe the traffic would be. I enjoy working with two colour when there is a simple and easy repeat to the pattern. this is why the Norwegian mitten and I are parting ways and it will be ripped. I just don't have the attention span necessary to be looking at my chart ALL THE TIME for what to do next. I broke the news to the recipient of the non existant pair of mittens and she's cool with it. Now I can make socks with that yummy coloured handyed...mwahahahaha.
I freaked out a sweet man yesterday (cuz thats how I roll) by calling him on the phone. LOL I had a question about the snow peas I want to plant so I contacted The Organic Farm in Newfoundland ( ) to ask "Just how cold hardy is "super cold hardy"?" A very nice man was surprised to get a call from Quebec but was lovely to speak with on the subject. I'm still getting a feel for the seasons here and have now a rough idea of the last average frost date for my area (somewhere between Trois Rivieres and Montreal's) which lays it somewhere between the 3rd of May and the 19th of May. Hmm. I will be away until the 12th of May so that solves that issue.
Spring is very different here than back home. In NS its a long lingering season of mud and chilliness that switches back and forth teasingly from warm to frigid. My average last frost date was around May 25th there but I knew to be wary. I once planted my peas in early April because it was such a balmy spring that year...its a very VARIABLE season when one is near the sea but I had a feel for it most times and did ok.
Here? Not so much. It goes from snow to flowers within days and I never know whether to trust the heat to stay stays and then its kinda late for the peas (they like cooler temps). Now at least I know that "super cold hardy" does not mean they can withstand below 0 temperatures (which we still get at night but less frequently) so now I will treat them just like any other pea. Thanks again to Mike of The Organic Farm in Newfoundland for the chat and the nice email.
I need to go buy new gloves (again) for the weedings etc that need doing right now. I get new gloves EVERY YEAR and lose them. Now, here is a question... I have very nice leather winter lady gloves that I don't wear but have incase I need to be a dressed up lady in winter and can't wear my mittens or other handwear. Would it be ridiculous or frugally smart to not buy gloves for weeding and just repurpose the unused gloves (of which I have 2 pair...possibly 3)? I just hate going and buying yet another pair of good gloves to protect me from the thorns etc and then they are gone before the end of summer.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Oh yeah, I'd be totally repurposing those gloves. Actually did the same thing a couple years back when I needed to prune roses. I used a black pair of leather gloves with rabbit trim at the cuffs. I swear that the roses grew better that year because they were so impressed by my new garden gloves. :)

Tara said...

I envy your napping, my dear. I don't think it'd go over really well at work though. *Sigh*