Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's adventures.

I am going to order my alpine strawberry plants today. I am very excited.
Source: http://www.richters.com/ Richter's Herbs in Ontario.

If I space things out ok in the bed I should fit 20 plants. I want Alpine strawberries so that I don't have the hassle of runners (the shoots that come off strawberry plants and make new plants), I can fit more plants per square foot of garden space (no runners), and they bear fruit all season long with proper growing conditions. True, the berries are smaller than commercial varieties but these will have that wild strawberry flavour. In gourmet lingo they are called "Fraises des bois" and i would rather grow them then the usual ones because they are just so much easier and don't take over the entire yard...if I wantedto I could put some in the flower beds for snacks while weeding...they make excellent edging or potted plants. These plants should bear fruit for 4 or 5 years before things need replacing and in THAT case I could use seeds from my own fruit to propagate new plants. Hman loves strawberries and always wanted a big crop but he never really helped out with trying to keep the weeds at bay or sorting out the mothers from the runners, so now that I am trying again its what I say that goes. And he will pay for them.

I was looking around for blueberry bushes but came up with not much at this point. Gonna keep hunting. Its usually cheaper to order than to buy at the nurseries and garden centers. I think I can fit four along the pool fence.

In other newses, the sweater is coming along. I had a scare Friday night on my stitch count but it just turns out that A) my notes were incompletye and B) I'm a dumbass. All turned out to be well once I had my revelation of where all those extra stitches came from and why the math said they should be MORE and my notes said LESS. I was peeing at the time. Never doubt the power of a pee break to bring break throughs in a conundrum. So now I am on the 3rd row of the pattern chart. Its a VERY simple chart...easy 7 stitch repeats but goes slow because I worry about my float lengths in the back. Too short and the knitting will pucker...too long and its messy. I am aiming for slightly too long rather than too short. No sense in expecting JUST RIGHT because thats just silly in my hands.

The Easter candy rush has come and is slowly passing ...the guys were thrilled with the bunny's sugary offerings, his thank you note for the baby carrots they left out for him, the books, Spinbrush toothbrushes, bubble wand swords, and DS Games they each recieved. Happy guys they are.

THIS weekend Ben turns twelve. We need to have an invitation to his friend for sleeping over Saturday and also some bowling. Meant to do that yesterday but forgot.

Time to hang out more laundry...have I mentioned my clothes line love affair? Its still going strong. Love it and this great line drying weather.


Sam said...

To keep the weeds out darling - try putting straws between the beds.. It works !

Tara said...

Did you order your alpine strawberries yet? I want some too! Too bad, we could have doubled up on the order...