Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Did I say 3 more sleeps?

The swine flu may be the cancellation of the trip. This is a business conference trip not simply pleasure and the company is monitoring the WHO's alert levels. Its gone from 4 to 5 today. An alert of 6 means pandemic.

The virus is spreading but outside of Mexico it is less severe in symptoms(the death in Texas was a child from Mexico). Puerto Rico at this point has no reported cases, but Canada has 19. If the alert goes up to 6 the company is cancelling the conference.
BUT we are going early. The alert could go up in the next 2 days and keep us home....or it could go up the day before the conference starts which means we have to come home, but the damage is done, man. We're already there!

Tricky, non? Its a bit of hurry up and wait.

Now, I know that this flu crisis is serious. I am after the kids to wash hands like crazy but thats about all one can really do unless you buy quality medical masks and gloves (the cheap ones from hardware stores etc etc are all but useless against viruses according to a local expert, because they don't custome fit to keep the germs out) and Lysol your neighborhood repeatedly. The media says "oh its not so bad. Its ok. DON'T PANIC." then in the next breath they are reporting how bad it is, how sad it is, how serious and deadly and oh my we're all gonna die it is. WTF??! Who to listen to?

People get the flu all the time. People die from the flu too, and always have. Historically we are overdue for a global pandemic and everytime there is a bad outbreak of anything (Ebola? bird flu? SARS?) the media and the experts think "This is it!! Here we go!! Get ready for the death counts to reach the bajillions!!".

Its enough to make a girl crazy (er).

Here is something happy and cheerful to finish the day with. I wish we could all take after this child: Briar Rose Perrier
She is a wonderful example of generosity to us all, and a true shining light in troubled times.


Suldog said...

Wow. Couple of really nice girls there. God bless them.

Anonymous said...

That's awe inspiring- that girl will go far.

Tara said...

OK, I'm reading this late, so I know the trip was cancelled. But I had no idea it was because of the swine flu!

ps: word verification was nogod (No God?). Struck me as ironic.