Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yes, but then what?

I never really understood the allure of dyeing eggs, beyond the fact that its fun to dye/colour things. I know the spiritual symbolism. I get the history. I just don't really get the whole egg dying phenomenon that is easter build up (hello...no longer Christian and not actually doing Easter so much as "Yay its Spring!!" long weekend with candy and small gifties!!). My mom never really went all out with the egg dying unless I begged. And they never really turned out very coloured (Damn you Paas! Or maybe just food colouring...I dunno)

But what the frak does one do with the coloured eggs beyond throw them in the trash after Easter Sunday? If they've been outside in the grass maybe a dog pee'd on them..or bugs crawled on them...EEEEW! My kids are not eating that. Not to mention refridgeration issues? I just don't get it.

Cameron will not SHUT UP about easter. "This many more days....two days off school...did you go shopping yet?... how about now?...now?...Remember I want this....will there be candy trails or plastic egg trails this year?...Did you shop yet??..." He has been warned that one more word will have him receive a decapitated stuffed bunny for Easter..NO!!!! not REALLY!!! ( but I want to, he's bugging me THAT MUCH)

Obviously Cam has clued in about the Bunny. Ben (the elder) has not said a word. Not one. Has not asked for anything special...no questions about trails...no hopes for a chocolate extravaganza... Its a little eerie in comparison and makes me a tad sad. I think Cameron spilled the beans to his brother. He never can keep his mouth shut even when asked expressly to keep his new found Bunny discovery to himself. Maybe thats why Ben is saying nothing at all. Because the obvious ruse that he was willing to pretend to believe in has been revealed and now there is no more make believe magic for him to partake of.

Or maybe he just hasn't noticed the date yet......

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Tara said...

We never dyed eggs at my house. I used to just paint them or draw on them with markers. Haven't gotten around to it with the kids yet. Next year. Or, you know, the one after.