Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Today is Wednesday and its usually a good day for me. Mid week I have caught up from the weekend and have a knit night to look forward to. Its also lately been Chiroprator day and I like that too. Next week it'll be Thursday though.
My hand is sore as Flup after today's session. On a good note, Sunday's emotional freakfest released a LOT of pent up stress and my shoulders and neck were way looser and had fewer rock hard knots to work out.
After school Hman and I had a session with the school VP and Ben's teacher and a psychologist who had spent some time with Ben etc. The verdict? Ben's an odd duck. he odd just because he's odd? Or is it something other than the ADD at work( for example: Asperger's etc?)to a specialist. Now, we have been trying to get Ben to someone for 3 1/2 years...ARGH!!!!!! At least we have this psychologist on our side and she can provide her report and recommendations, which we will then take to the doctor we have been using for the last year or so, and HOPEFULLY he can refer us to the specialisty doctor she recommends. Its a French term that I don't understand. I will be hiring my translator friend to translate the Psychologist report for me. ( Also, Ben suffers from extreme anxiety when he has to perform tasks under pressure like times math quizes. He freezes up. Both the psychologist and his teacher were aware of this.)
In theory, we have gotten somewhere..that somewhere is actually scarily similar to where we have been. Since Ben was an infant there was always something different...I just took it to mean I was doing everything wrong. After awhile it became obvious that it was something else. When he was a toddler we had him assessed for Autism. That wasn't it, but he did have some developmental delays and with help, he got caught up to average. By grade two we knew that he still wasn't like other kids so we saw a pediatrician specialist in ADD/ ADHD. Benw as diagnosed (correctly) as having Attention Deficit Disorder and his academic life went from 0 to 60 within weeks. It was amazing. Still....there was something there. Personality? Or some sort of condition that with proper therapies, his way in the social world could be eased. Secondary school is approaching way too fast and with it will be all kinds of stresses and social mores that he just ain't gonna be able to cope with.
At least we will soon have the report to take to the doctor and get put in the right direction to getting Ben the help he needs.


inukshuk71 said...

Let me know when you get it, I'll do you a quick translation so you can understand the report. Cost of translation: a good cup of tea and a cookie :) I couldn't make it out tonight, not for lack of time, but simple laziness. It's my party and I'll PMS if I want to! Hope you are enjoying a wicked piece of cake with the knit sibs :)

Ali P said...

Thanks sweetheart!

Sam said...

Keep the spirit up Alison although when it touches our kids - it is somewhat harder..

Anonymous said...

You have every peaceful, good wish I can send your way that you can get some answers, and soon. That age is hard enough without complications. I'm hoping for you and him.

On a lighter note- next time my internet goes down for over a week, could ya not be some damn prolific???? ;-)

Tara said...

Even though my kids are much younger than yours (thank goodness, High school is still miles away), I understand your angst about Ben's social issues. Émilie is incredibly emotional, and I'm really scared she's going to be ostracized for being such a drama queen/cry baby when she starts school in the Fall...

I hope that with this report, you can get Ben the help he needs!