Friday, May 01, 2009

Hard thinkings and head scratchings Chez Nous

The flights are non refundable to the company. The villa rental is non-refundable unless we cancelled 60 days before the reservation date and thats money out of Hman's expense account. His extra special clients still need some ego rubbing and company love but the money to treat them to fun etc is now gone from the expense account thanks to H1N1 fear.
So, after brooding and scratching heads all day yesterday and last night and this morning, we thought "Well, maybe just go and take advantage of the villa (its paid for) and the air fare (its paid for) and just there will be no conference to deal with"...
So as it stand right now its possible that we can still go on a business trip but not for the time originally planned and no staying at a fancy resort for a few days in the middle (like I care) to play nice with the company.
If Hman can get the villa's reservation of 3 days before and 3 days after the conference put together into 6 consecutive days, then we can be there for 6 days...if not then only 3 days. This is contingent on the clients plans (some are still going since the air fare is non refundable), company policy, and can we change our return flights to accomadate the change in plans.
I have cleared it with my sister who was now coming for a visit rather than to be responsible for the monsters...she is all but shoving me out the door and onto a plane at her end.
I will know this afternoon.

Best part? WAY less packing! MWAHAHA..couple of outfits that I can launder and my new pretty bathingsuit. No company functions to attend and pretend to be nice at, just being on a trip with Hman's top clients (and they are becoming his friends in many ways as well because they see him almost as much as I do...hahahaha). No "corporate wife" show to put on. This could work.

The waiting is the hardest part....

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Sam said...

hopefully it will work for you A...