Monday, February 27, 2006


.I am fighting a cold which has been teasing at me since Friday. It hits then it leaves just as quick and returns a day or two later. Last night I felt pretty crappy and didn't sleep well at all so I am staying home from the MPRC desk. Don't want to spread germs anymore than I have to and I am pretty wiped even though my symptoms have eased a little.
What a way to start a week. Ick.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Could someone PLEASE tell me where this week went??? Its Friday, the break is almost over and we have done sweet FA. No day trips.. The most excitement we've had in this house is the daily get dressed fight. "Guys its 2pm...get dressed already" " NO! We like our jammiezs!!" "Yeah..ok......whatever..."
Last night was grown up night. I had to get gussied up and attend a function with Richard and meet millionaires and stuff. Man are they BORING!!! With all that money you think they'd get them selves a personality or something! All these guys do is fucking WORK and get richer. What is up with that???? Why work for the sake of working? Yes, tis true that hard work in the right field can make one rich ...and still dull. All they talk about is business and us wives that don't work in the industry (many many many DO) smile and drink and try not to slit our own wrists....LOL Gotta love that free wine even if its not that great. The meal was very different in theory but ho hum in flavor though presented very nicely. Some sort of wrapped salad (in wonton wrappers) that to me tasted like soap. It was the greens in it ( the name escapes me but they always taste like soap to me.). The soup was cream of artichoke which sounds divine but was salty with ham like flavor. meh. The main course was kinda combination plate...filet mignon of veal (I think) and saltimbocca with baby patty pans, one spear of asparagus and a braised bok or pak choy. The side dish was millet...yeah thats right BIRDSEED!!! Ok ok I know millet is a grain and have been curious as to how it is served but I will never eat it again unless dying of starvation or some horrid millet deficiency disease. BLEAH. Dessert was a lovely something or other with hazelnuts and caramel. YUM. Thumbs up. the coffee was ok and the amaretto tasty.
I stole a floral centerpiece (is it stealing if you have permission?? Its more fun to swipe it though) made up of a bird of paradise bloom and a red bromelliad bloom (I think) and lovely greenery with 2 blue LED lights in there. Veronica got a double bromeliad one..we giggled like the girly thieves we are. HA! Take that, boring folk!
On the plus side my suit for the occasion ( 9 bucks at the centraide comptoir) looked ok and my shoes didn't hurt much! My make up was just right in my humble opinion..I was able to smooth out my bushy pagan bling from christmas looked lovely with the grey suit and I got compliments and told I'd lost lots of weight! I haven't really since some folk saw me last but my hair is a different color and style, and the suit's cut did flatter the bulges.
All of this sounds so vapid and shallow. Welcome to my world!!!!! ROFL
Can't wait for Spring any longer...had to start seeds on Wednesday. Principe Borghese tomatoes, Shoo fly plant( ), hairy beardtongue (penstemon hirusutis)( ), Morgenrot Maltese Cross(, and Rose Campion ( ). I feel better. Forgot to start a few teasel seeds though( whoops. its a pain in the arse if it seeds but is a striking conversation piece in the gardens.
What has come of us if a once widely used plant is relagated to weed/conversation piece status? Wierd when you think about it and yet soooo many once revered plants are in that place. Purslane? Dandelion? Plantain? Many would be herbalists, healers, or spellcasters should start studying their own, untreated lawn with a good field guide of wild plants and weeds. Save yourself some money, experiment with wild foods etc, and harvest when the time is most conducive to intent. Nothing like getting closer to the Mother.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What Superhero am I?

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Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
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Ugh its Tuesday now...whats been going on.....
Sunday we went to sleep over in Cap Rouge and then on Monday we had breakie with Grandpapa and Fernande at Mikes. It was great but since we'd forgotten Ben's meds at home he was little bouncy etc and ended up sending his full glass of apple juice pretty much into my lap. Oh well..c'est la vie with kids. After breakfast we headed to Mont Ste Anne for skiing. Holy crap.
That hill is friggin' huge and the runs take MUCH longer than I am used to. My feet and legs still have twinges of aches. If I hadn't been in pain I would have really enjoyed it. We were tired and cranky from not sleeping well so things could have gone better but the boys had a good time. Ben is a little speed demon...he just whooshes right down the hill...Cammie does more turns to keep his speed in check. Richard gets frustrated with Ben racing so far ahead of us but I understand why Ben does it. Its a thrill and he has little fear. I told Richard to chill and let him go because thats how he will learn..Richard's fear is loss of control and injury..but again thats part of learning control..what he can and can't do and pussing the envelope physically. Ben is SO like Richard. I mentioned that maybe he gave his own dad the same frustrations when he lost himself in the thrill and joy of speed and freedom. We had a laugh over that.
The boys are on break and the marathon of squabbling has begun in earnest and as I type I have a kid on my lap with tales of woe about his brother. The child from next door was over yesterday and that ended badly. I love the time to just hang with the guys with no schedule but the bickering that ensues drives me nuts.
I got nothing more done on my quilt. Too tired and sore. It will come.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


...maybe I am strong enough....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tell me what you REALLY think..........

I can't do the nohari one...I'm not strong enough.....

I've got a trainer and I'm not afraid to use it!

So! Tis a done deal..the trainer is bought AND set up. Mr Handsome not so very handy managed it with a minimum of cussing and a very skinned thumb..he doesn't want to discuss that so...
Anyways, we all got a turn to see what its like. Its like running. Who knew? We got it at Walmart and its a pretty groovy gizmo even though we got it at Walmart. Got a new crock pot too. Been crockpotless for awhile because the insert of my older one broke. It was a damn fine crock pot too. Someone should write an Ode To A Insertless Crockpot...very very sad. really! it could bring tears!
I was hoping the trainer would have a more ski like motion to it rather than running. Yet again I have had proved that Mr Handsome but notsohandy doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about except when its about insurance. Who knew (i did)?
I don't like running..........but I will do it because I made such a big deal about getting it. ugh It could be fun! Really........


Finally..we are going to look at elliptical trainers today. we discussed this a couple of months ago and it was supposed to happen in January. I gave up a Curves membership in favor of a trainer for BOTH of us. Today I said that it was to happen. Richard said ok we'll go look. Is he stalling? I dunno. I fiure if he thinks we can go away for a hotel weekend (the 4 of us) then we should use that money/credit for something to help us with our bulges. A weekedn comes and is gone but the photos and some memories if you have the capacity in your brain..which is semi doubtful with me now adays. An elliptical trainer will either help us with our fitness goals or make a really great place to hang my quilting bits and pieces. I'm not talking top of the line or anything..we're talking a 200 dollar jobby not a Nordic track sell your first born and rent the other gizmo! No way! So..IT IS TIME! the queen has spoken.

Also, i had my hair done last night and I must say I think its fabulous! nancy is soooo good to me. Its soft and not so blondey and still looks good thismorning! Thats unheard of! I wonder how we can keep it this shade and not soooo blonde? Hmmm. Bought a pricey conditioning treatment to use at home too. When I came home last night Ben piped up" Mommy You're home! Oh your hair looks great! You look 10 years younger!" . Where the $%^& do they get this stuff??! :oD Too funny and very sweet.
My quilt (4 yrs and counting) it booting right along. If all goes well today (and it probably won't) I will get my final blue strips ripped and pinned on. ooooh...this is BIG!! I sewed the final yellows last night before going for my hair appointment. I need to press and trim and press to have the blocks ready for the next row of fabric (second to last row!!!) Oh My G.... Its gonna be finished sooon! Isn't it amazing what you can do if you actually sit down and do it??
After all the blocks I have are done (approx 36..some got buggered up and I've forgotten how many I had) then comes the sewing them together. then comes some bordering...might need some fabric for that. I am considering using 32 blocks for the quilt top and 4 for a coordinating pillow sham. Not written in stone yet but I am thinking on it.
More bulletins as events warrant.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh My G----- Calling all stitchers

I was shopping yesterday at Jean Coutu for Valentine's treats for the boys and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a lovely magazine from Australia on patchwork AND embroidery. Oh I must look at this says I to myself. It was a stitchery special issue of Country something or other (quilts? patchwork? threads?) and looked fun so I bought it. At home later when I had a mo to look through it more out popped two giant sheets of PATTERNS. gasp!! I feel light headed just thinking about it. All these cute as can be stitching patterns just waiting to be traced onto some nice muslin or something and worked into a quilt or wall hanging or something. The quilt ideas in the pages of the magazines are intriguing too. I am VERY pleased with this purchase and it is a keeper! I will have to start a new collection of embroidery flosses soon. Oh! And there is even a sweet little DOLL pattern. I always wanted to try dollmaking. siiiigh. blissful content.
Thats about it for here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Its a lovely day and I'm feeling well, better than yesterday anyways. Love that tummy bug we're still messing with. NOT!
Melange has a new employee that I got to meet yesterday. He's friendly and chatty and thrilled to have the job which is excellent.
Must do something for supper for a valentines...something fun. Hmmmmmm. Won't have enough time to bake a heart cake...or would I?
To make a heart shaped cake you need both a round cake and a square one. Cut the round one in half and stick the halves on two sides of the square to form a heart shape. I think some trimming might be involved but thats the basic premise. oooh cherry chip cake with white and red icing? sprinkles? the kids would be happy. Or maybe happier with all vanilla cake really.
Joyce came for an overnighter last night. I was home for 10 minutes after my MPRC shift when the phone rang and she was looking for a place to stay because the plan with her sis fell through. No problem but I was very PMSing by then so was tired and cranky all evening. Feel bad but I had no time to work on my happy face. I was nicer to everyone this morning though! :oD We had nice coffee girl chat before she left for Quebec and after everyone else had left.
Off I go...laundry etc calls!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Seedy Saturdays/Sundays 2006

Saturday musin's

So far I'm just laaaaazin' around with my Cammie Bear watching Olympics and kid shows and drinking my coffee. We ducked out of skiing so he could attend his first Quebec birthday party! Woohoo. VERY important to a 7 year old you know.
Thoughts of springtime have been intruding lately and now its really coming because I got my 2006 online Catalogue notice from Hope Seeds of New Brunswick( ). This is a very very small seedhouse dealing in heirloom and open pollinated varieties of seed so that the grower has the potential to save their own seeds. I first found Hope Seeds a few years ago when under the ownership of its founder and I have never been disappointed in the quality. I got into the idea of saving my own seed back in my "wanna be self sufficient" days on the homestead...late nineties, 2000? maybe. Like it was sooo long ago. My girlfriend Edith thought it a cool idea too and we gardened our hearts out. I had joined Seeds Of Diversity (very cool) and perused the catalogue laboriousl to pick out the seeds for me. I had a HUGE garden area that I both miss dreadfully for its potential, and am glad to be free of due to its ability to overwhelm this lone gardener. OY! the weeds I could grow! Amazing..almost taller than me! I had very little luck with potatoes or other root crops although I did have amazing carrots one year. I babied them a lot and the attention was rewarded but I am a survivalist gardener...its gotta be able to survive my neglect if I'm going to keep growing it. Carrots DON'T. At least not for me...nor radishes. they are super easy to grow yet all I get are peppery little pebbles for my trouble. fuhgedaboudit.
I miss the space to choose cool sounding crop selections. i never got around to the Vife Etampes pumpkin that looks like its ready for Cinderell's coach. then again pumpkins didn't want to ripen on time for me anyways except once!
Now with much less garden space I am neither overwhelmed nor a survivalist. I am out there every frikkin' day just for my own sanity picking weeds and bugs (damn cane borers on my Morden Ruby), taking photos of bees and butterflies and flowers (I am no good at it), and thinking about what to get rid of (this weird hedgey stuff I hate, some of the cone flowers..just tooooo many, white potentilla (booooring) ) and what I need/want more of (roses, and herbs and veg, and a vine or 12). I also need a compost pile ASAP. I was holding out for a tidy plastic bin since I'm in the burbs, but not anymore baby! I'll dig me a hole and rig a lid like Karen did in Hfx. The trick to speedy compost is in the turning. The best composter I ever used was simply a stack of tires that I could unstack to turn the pile. awesome but ugly.
Come spring the call is going out..If you want hedgey stuff, potentillas, daylilies, or some coneflowers CALL ME!! Free!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Well isn't that interesting

You Aren't Scary, You're Scared
Probably even scared to see how this quiz came out!


Aurora mentioned on her blog about how we portray ourselves to others and being aware of it. It gave me pause to ponder my own facade in public. I am pretty "real" around other folk and around folk I like I'm pretty high spirited and cheery. I really am the wing nut I appear BUT there are facets to every person that aren't always apparent . So basically I AM a wingnut just not all the time. Look, I even still surprise my husband with dashes of insight and maturity after all these years and he should know me better than anyone right? And he does, which is in itself funny sometimes because he knows what I'll say or do before I do.
Being a person who suffers from depression and possibly ADD, focus is not my strong suit at all. I get blown by the breeze of my interests and distracted from my purpose alot...usually by bright colors or shiny things (HA HA HA). I am jealous of those who can accomplish so much and retain so much of whjat they've jealous the right word? Maybe implies negativity. No I ADMIRE them and though I do wish my own capabilities were stronger in that area, I have learned to stop beating myself up so much. I joke that I am stupid because I don't retain everything or always think to apply it, but I know I am not. Just short of attention span and thus easily overwhelmed by the smallest of things.
Another thing I've learned in the last few years is gratitude and acceptance. Gratitude for what I have rather than railing against the Universe for what I don't. Gratitude brings a lot of peace with it and an appreciation for the daily life we each have available. Acceptance is similar... rather than railing against the Universe that things aren't going the way I think I want them to, I accept that what is meant to be WILL Be and that I have done what I could. Its harder to see the open windows foor all the closed doors sometimes but it too brings a measure of peace.
I have struggled with anger in my life. These two lessons have diminished my inner rage a lot but the Paxil helps too! ;o)

Thursday, February 09, 2006


As the day wore on I felt better. Tonight I rented Wallace and Gromit and The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit for the kids as they have no school tomorrow. Cameron and I have such similar senses of humor and we did a lot of giggling. Heaps in fact. Funny funny kid I have.
I did do a tiny bit of sewing today for the first time in ages. I dded a color to some log cabbin block that were started 4 years ago. I have thought about what Ceri said at her blog about just taking it as it comes (not her exact words) rather than stressing about the amount of work to do. So I decided to try harder about not getting overwhelmed and this will be my "test" I guess. :oD With the new sewing table I have set up AND ORGANISED sewing was a pleasure. Saturday Cameron has a birthday party to go to and Richard and Ben will be gone skiing. I might get an hour or so to putter away at it.
Soon I should get some seeds started. Its so weird not to have several catalogues open all over the house while I whittle down the contenders. I have some flower seeds I ordered last year to start..rose campion, shoo-fly plant, and calendula. The trick with calendula is that it likes dark for germination but since it joyously self sows in the garden, I don't see that its much of a trick!
We will build some more raised beds this spring for veggies. We had great masses of tomatoes and cukes this year in the raised bed by the back step. I am hoping to make that an herb garden this year. What to plant....? Lovage, chives, thyme, lavender....... hmmm. What herb can you not be without? I'm drawing a blank here...
As for veggies...hmmm? the kids loved the climbing cukes so more of that for sure and fewer tomatoes. Royal Burgundy bush beans for sure too.
Enough rambling. Off i go.

Feelin' icky.............

I think I have some version of Cameron's tummy bug from earlier this week. Wish I had something to read. sigh.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I am so great! I am so great...well actually the Centraide comptoir is SOOO GREAT! For TWENTY dollars I came home with:
1) a metal desk with 2 drawers to use as a sewing table. Fake wood top.
2) 2 drawer organizer thingies for my sewing crap to get oranised into in the drawers (how handy is that??)
3) a grey suit to wear to that thing we have to attend on the 23rd of Feb. I need to get different buttons though. But hEY! $9 is better than say $200!
I am soo pleased with my purchases! happy happy joy joy. Now all my sewing stuff can be in one place...more or less.

Life is gooooooood.


Wednesdays are so blah now that I don't have class. I have lots of laundry piled up on the floor next to my bed so maybe I should tackle that so I have something to wear in the days to come.
Valentine's day is coming. Richard asked where I want to go out. I don't! Its on a Tuesday and we get up early with the kids, they have homework etc. Naaah. I wanna stay home. BUT he is VERY welcome to arrive home with any GIFTS he feels would be appropriate. ahem. hint hint
I'm on chapter 14 of Bonewits's Essential Guide To Witchcraft and Wicca. Very readable fellow that Bonewits.
So how about those low fat diet findings?? HA! See? NOTHING is accurate when it comes to diet etc. Its so annoying.
At least now I will enjoy my butter with less guilt..and bacon..mmmmmmmmmmmbacon. I love the low carb lifestyle but lately I have been craving carbs like mad and so have been eating unreasonable amounts of those baby carrots you get in bags. They are like candy for me. Can't stop with 3 or four. Munch munch munch and before I know it the bag is empty. ooops. I guess its better than chips or cookies. I think the weight loss has plateaued again. I need more activity I'm sure. Skiing once a week and then sleeping it off for the remaining 6 days isn't cutting it. I wanted to join Curves but Richard needs exercise too so I said "Lets get that machine you wanted" I think its an elliptical trainer he saw at Canadian Tire. He better get his ass in gear and go get it! HA! valentines day gift to us BOTH! I loved Curves when I went a few years ago and man does iit WORK. In two months I lost 14 inches and could see the results very quickly on my tummy and back. But then life got in the way and I had to stop... I just suggested that machine for Valentines to him..he sounds unimpressed. LOL
Well...I have nothing insightful or interesting to say so I guess I'll go mosey around the house. Our Coffee machine simply does NOT make enough coffeee for both of us to have our morning cuppas and to get my motor going. Maybe a 12 cupper next time. dumdeedum....
Maybe I'll go doodle garden plans. Richard might actually spring for a magnolia this year.....

Monday, February 06, 2006

Know what burns my ass.?

...I mean besides a flame about 2.5 feet high..
I'm walkin' along today to have my shift at the MPRC desk when I come along a guy sippin' a fresh coffee and he chucks some wrappers on the sidewalk. Actually he just let them drop..he was even to arrogant to "chuck" them. I was incensed. I gave him the usual self riteous glare reserved for double parkers and child molesters and as I walked past I bent and picked the wrappers up to deposit in the next avaiable trash can. "Pig!" I muttered NOT quietly. ARGH! Where do these people come from??? Where in his upbringing was he led to believe that littering is OK??? @#$%^&*#$^%&
MPRC duty was wonderful. Dimitri was probably hating me there because Nat and I like to chat a bit as does Shirley. JEEZ its just like high school where I was dubbed the catalyst by teachers ( Helllooo Miss Dorrington!!). If there was a knot of gabbers I was in the middle. Oooopppppssss... I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! Not many visitors though. poop. On the plus side I am loving my Bonewits book! What a hoot!
Nathalie and I are coming along with that quilting workshop we brainstormed in the fall. I need to draw up a padded outline and then find out when Scarlet might like this to happen. I should be able to work it all out this week, email it to Nathalie for Input and changes and then fix it. its not just quilting but some history, folklore and magic as well. Beginner quilting with a magical slant. Very cool. And part of it would be encouraging attendees to create their own Stitch n' Witch groups...heehee.
Benoit had a bit of a day. He forgot he had to STAY at school and took the bus home!!! OY! The things that happen when you have no idea! Richard was called at work and wracked his brain trying to track down where Ben might be since noone was home. He was safe and sound across the street at Mathieu's house and a lady from the service de garde came and picked him up. Holy buckets! I think Richard has FINALLY calmed down. maybe.
What a day!!!!!!!!

Congraduations to me and all others........

Yesterday was the CMS Imbolc Rit and Graduation. It was joyous and a tad mysterious in that the level 3b's had to meet challenges within the circle that were invisible to those of us not involved. Weird and interesting in a "how'd they do, feel, see, experience that??!" way. Veeery cool. Met Ash for the first time though I'd heard his name bandied about. Very big handsome man. Autumn was there too which was in itself lovely. She is so ..whats the word... kind..?, I guess, is the closest I can come to. Scalet looked great..relaxed almost (as if!) but so full of happiness and hugs! And wreathed in smiles. Soooo nice to see her happy. And Hobbes was very nice..for a change..HA! Just kidding. He was very nice to be with as well. And Rosanne made me laugh hardest of all when she revealed Jess's true magical name...TOO FUNNY. Poor sweet un-that magicalnamelike Jess. I was laughing with you hunny..oh wait..I don't think you laughed. But sweety it WAS funny because its so opposite YOU. Kudos Rosanne!
I enjoyed myself very much. Hobbes thanked me for making his first class "memorable"...what does that meeeeeeaaaannn? I will quiz him..or maybe NOT! eek.
After I finally came home we went out to supper and then it was get them varmints bathed and into bed. Then I crashed and I forgot to watch Grey's Anatomy. DAMNIT! Richard says it was excellent and his favorite part was George's dream sequence of girl on girl action. He regrets George waking up! LOL Must see the rerun.
Now for a peeve: Warning mild rant!
I bought Patrisha Telesco's Witch's Book Of Wisdom last week and so far am regretting it. Its very generalised information except for the odd bit here and there and I am PEEVED with myself for buying it. ARGH. It is not that great and is just real substance. Is she so consumed with producing material that she's just putting a bit of fluff on the pages now? What up???! weak weak weak weak....
Rant over..oh wait ALSO I am peeved because I lost the receipt and can't take the damn thing back and exchange for something better. ARGH damn it!
Ok...Now I'm done.
I'm going to the MPRC today so I gotta go get ready. Love and blessings to all who swim by and all who were in attendence yesterday. You all rock my world. in a good way.

Who'da Thunk it?

Your Five Factor Personality Profile
You have high extroversion.You are outgoing and engaging, with both strangers and friends.You truly enjoy being with people and bring energy into any situation.Enthusiastic and fun, you're the first to say "let's go!"
You have medium conscientiousness.You're generally good at balancing work and play.When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done.But you've been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it.
You have medium agreeableness.You're generally a friendly and trusting person.But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.
You have medium neuroticism.You're generally cool and collected, but sometimes you do panic.Little worries or problems can consume you, draining your energy.Your life is pretty smooth, but there's a few emotional bumps you'd like to get rid of.
Openness to experience:
Your openness to new experiences is medium.You are generally broad minded when it come to new things.But if something crosses a moral line, there's no way you'll approve of it.You are suspicious of anything too wacky, though you do still consider creativity a virtue.
The Five Factor Personality Test

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Don't hate me because my blog is beautiful, dahling....

....Hate Jess. Its all her fault its SO gorgeous and pretty and cute and all things nice. heeheeeheee.
It would appear that I have passed my CMS level one and am going to graduation tomorrow at 2 pm. I am happy!!
Today is skiing (the north mountains have snow).
I have started journaling what I learn from Witch's book of far I journaled the diff between charms, amulets, fetishes and talismans. Who knew? don't answer and make me feel stupid!
Had and email from Marla. She's in Florida and should be back home by March..Oh thank Gods...I have missed her so much even if it is just by phone. I'll have to try and wrangle a trip home before summer.
The cottage hunt is still on. Availability of cottages is dwindling as time passes. We want mid to late we I me ME. Nobody else cares but I know that things start cooling in August and the begining of July is too iffy. I want anytime from the 10th to the 1st of august. But I will take whatever we can get cuz I wanna go home and lay on the beach and frolic in the waves and maybe have a campfire and beach comb like crazy.
ok..gotta Blast!

Friday, February 03, 2006


The incomparable and wonderful girly girl Aurora of Aurora Rising is creating a beautiful blog for me..oooh itth tho pitty! (goofy baby talk)
Just thought I'd give y'all a heads up. It makes my heart beat faster just looking at it and the print she found for me is soooo reminiscent of my last whale dream that I could just jump into the picture if there wasn't this crazy thing called physics to stop me!
Why dreams are better than reality sometimes:
1) When you swim the water is NEVER cold. Its always body temerature so you hardly notice the water..just like unless its cold or hot you don't really notice the air around you!
2) You can fly!
3) You can be you but be someone else at the same time which is really weird when you try to explain it.
4) The laws of physics don't really work in the BEST possible ways (see#2 and #3).
5) No matter how weird things get you can always wake up.

I dropped of my journal homework to Scarlet at the shop since Richard was sick Wednesday and didn't take it in on Tuesday (grr). Thats ok though because I got some much needed me time doing something I enjoy, namely browsing Melange Magique and actually making a purchase. It was way nice to see Scarlet and Hobbes was there too which made it a double nice. He makes me laugh sometimes because he has that slightly (? I'm being nice here) twisted sense of humor that I enjoy so much.
I bought some bayberry stick incense (loooove it!) a new stick incense holder that I kept being drawn to, TWO books, and a rose quartz crystal. Wait a sec...hmmmmmm.....
Now here's a funny (peculiar)thing for ya:
I cleansed the crystal Wednesday night and took it out of the salt yesterday and placed it on my house figurine on my altar (there is already a goddessy rock (looks like the outline of Mary) for blessings and a toonie on this figurine for prosperity and now the rose quartz to keep the love flowing in our home). Then I didn't really think anything about it UNTIL NOW and I have made a connection . Here is my tale:
Richard came home from work yesterday and was very huggy and sweet with all of us. Last night he was very lovey dovey and told me how much he loves me and appreciates me taking care of him when he was sick and how happy he is with me (?what the??). I of course looked at him and demanded to know what he'd done with my husband or what he was up to. Then when I went to bed there was a piece of pink paper on my pillow that someone had attempted to cut into a heart (I knew what it was..a mother ALWAYS knows) and had written "iheartu"..he didn't write heart he drew one..and there were x's and o's and a couple of drawn hearts. How sweet is that???! I knew it was Ben..I just knew. So I showed it to Richard who had gotten a get well card drawn for him the day before and then I WOKE my child up to kiss him and say thank you. It couldn't wait until morning.
Now this morning Richard was veeery huggy with all of us and I have finally connected this love fest chez moi with the CRYSTAL I placed yesterday!
And you were here to witness the light going on in my dim drafty attic of a brain! HA! How cool is this?!! Don't you loooove when things just are so right in your world?
I love my guys.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Gotta love 'em! I bought a pack of Mary Engelbriet fat quarters yesterday at ..Walmart..(boo hiss.... but they have non expensive cotton prints!). Also got new needles for the machine for the construction. Need a bulb and have to rummage for thread and an empty bobbin. See what being organised would accomplish??! I'd be sewing now instead of thinking about it.
I rummaged around and found my fabric stash that I had planned on giving away back in NS but it accidentaly got packed on the truck so its here. GOOD! I am even adding to it..bad. I ripped apart a shirt I no longer wear for the fabric and am eyeballing Richard's wardrobe for plaid shirts I can make "disappear" into my horde. This is because I want to try a "typing- paper" quilt block where you papaer foundation a string pieced square or triangle. I'll do the square and use newsprint for the foundation because it will rip away easier when done. Planning this meant I dug out my far from finished blue and yellow log cabin project (4 years and still only TWO blocks completed). they are soooooooo pretty. I have 40 (FORTY) blocks half finished and my idea is that I'll sew them together and make the kiddy quilt for Annika (grand neice 3). I do an assembly line type of piecing for log cabins that is way less labor intensive than individual strips being pieced to indidvidual blocks. Its the" quilt in a day (weekend)" method. For me on my planet a day or weekend is 4 years (plus) apparently..hee hee. Now, whats hard is that I planned that quilt painstakingly, picking prints I reeeaaaalllly like together. Its VERY pretty...sigh. I still have strips cut and sewn together for the next rows and they only need ironing (AGAIN) and to be sewn on..The guilt is very strong here. I reeeeeaaaallly wanna do the NEW project but the old one keeps looking at me. the throw it together and mail it idea is a quick fix and makes it go away but I feel like I'm trying to abandon a child..or at least a kitten! that was the quilt I was going to keep for us and have on MY bed (eighty blocs or more required..BLEAH). I'm just not cut out for big projects.
We measured the walls for wall pare. When I say "we" I mean Richard..but i wrote the numbers down! 160 sqare feet (approx.). Holy crap what a pile o'paper! Thats..wait a sec..umm..SEVEN rolls of not cheap wall paper. Eeeeek. Its really pretty...but SEVEN rolls! holy buckets!
Maybe we should re think the whole wallpaper idea...