Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Its Too Darn hot..just too damn hot....

I will be neither cooin' nor pitchin' woo with anyone or anything unless there is a major change in the weather. Last night was the humungous thunderstorm that ended up killing two people. I have never ever seen lightning the likes of last nights! It just never quit!! Constant flashing in the clouds and huge flashes that lit the neighborhood like fluorescent lights. And the bolts were some of the biggest I have ever seen. Unbelievable.
And after all that we had no relief from the heat and humidity AAAAANNNNDDD were without power for approxiamately 16 or 17 hours. maybe more. I dunno...The boys and I left home today in order to escape the sticky heat and returned home around 5pm to a house with power again. we cruised the mall a bit and then went to Laval to catch an afternoon movie if possible. The Ant Bully. Cute.
Clair De Lune at the mall has a big sale on seasonal type candles and stuff. I got a set of 4 glasses in a green amber colour for 5 bucks. Bye bye plastic cups from the theater kids combos. I got to thinking though...what a great time to pick up little gifts for Christmas and birthdays. i know some people do this all the time and it makes terrific sense. Some of the little candles and holders and stuffs were as little as $3 and not bad looking. Lets face it...come Christmas the big money is spent in your house hold (husband and kids) and everyone else gets a little token something to celebrate the season. Or say it a sister or friend's you go out and plunk down 50 bucks on something or just give a little gift to show your affection and make note that they were born? Get me? I am thinking that next pay day its Christmas shopping time. Same with that store Arlene' neices go crazy for that crap!! So, when gorly stuff goes on sale I need to stock up.
I picked up a belated wedding shower gift for my nephew and his bride to be. A "tart" or "oil" burner. It was marked down to $9.99 and came in a variety of colors with coordinating wax"tarts". the one I chose was an ivory color (go with any decor) and the fragrance of the tart was "Love and Tenderness". How perfect for a wedding! I also grabbed a tart called "Wedding Day" to go in there too. I am quite pleased with my purchase! The wedding is Labor Day weekend and I will be missing it. I must check their registry to pick out a good gift. I cannot believe my l'il Ricky is grown up enough to get married. His bride is a sweetie.
Anyways, its been a wild 24 hours.

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Tigerlily said...

I love shopping and finding little "gems" for good prices. So much is so overpriced these days; it's refreshing to find something on sale that is of good quality. For that reason, I love sidewalk sales in the market or at the local mall. I've been rather luck at those.