Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaack

You know, it takes time AWAY from your home for you to really appreciate your comfort level in that home.
The past week was spent in Nova Scotia again but get this! i only got about 2 hours of beach time in. That so sucks. I spent time with my folks and visited my aunt and an old friend whose dad is ailing. This wa sgreat. My folks, I am sorry to say, are really becoming frail and elderly. I worry because there is noone there to make sure Mom eats regularly and with some variety and nutrition (Cup of Soup??NOT a meal). I got a wee bit of time with my big sister between visits. I went from my parents to my friend Julie's place. This is possibly the friend I have the greatest comfort level with. Nothin' like sitting in your jammies sipping coffee until 2 in the afternoon discussing affairs of the heart, state, gardens, and lipsticks...oh and home reno's. LOL We cover a lot of ground and have more than a couple giggles along the way. Bless you, Jules.
Then it was off to M's. This was not as easy. I love her very much but she's not an easy person. There is a lot going on with her and she's drained so I was hoping to be of some support or help but I don't think I was at all. She's a very serious and literal person which is great but can be wearing.
I ended up leaving Nova Scotia early (by a day) in order to meet my men at the camp ground in Notre Dame Du Lac. Camp fires, shooting stars, rain and my guys. Oh, and a skunk tore apart our trash! LOL It got its head stuck in a can from baked beans and wobbled about a bit until he managed to get it off. Too funny.
We got back last evening around supper time and after quick unpacking etc off we went to Chateau De La Lune for their buffet. Oh so good!!!! YUMMY! This was to celebrate my return home. Isn't that sweet?
Today it was laundry and bathrooms and napping. Oh its good to be back in my domain. except for the laundry and bathrooms.


Hantra said...

welcome home. I missed you!

Whaledancer said...

Thanks girl!