Friday, August 04, 2006

Thoughts and Ponderings..........

Flipping through channels this morning brought me to the World Vision thing on TV. A few years ago I arrived home from church to Richard saying"I've adopted a child!" as I came in the door. "What the fuck?" was my response.
Turns our he had called in to sponsor a child. Lourda is her name. She lives outside Port Au Prince in Haiti. When I buy school supplies or clothes for my kids I think of her and wish I could fill a box with goodies for her and her friends but that is something that is not allowed by World Vision. They have these little gifty things on occassion but they are suchcrap that we don't buy into it ( cheesy little beach ball). Iwant to send her cool stuff like paper and markers or crayons.
World Vision has a cool catalogue that you can make a gift from though. Supplies for growing food, chickens for eggs and meat, goats for milk and meat, etc etc . This year I think we should make a gift and give our family cards that say instead of something they won't bother with we've sent a gift to improve the lives of a family in their names.
I leave for Nova Scotia tomorrow. Time to pack. Last night I had yet another tidal wave dream..again we weren't hurt and were left to wonder at Nature's might and mercy. It wasn't that huge a wave this go round but still dangerous. I wish I knew exactly why I have these dreams. It was a new one too...I was playing beach volley ball (what the fuck??) on this tiny beach full of people and there were buildings ffor services the beach staff people provided. For some reason there was a very tall dune/hill in the middle of the beach and we were all told to climb to higher ground for safety. Ever try to climb a dune? Sand is not conducive to easy climbing . I was trying to find the boys...where were my babies?? Someone had put them in PFDs and they were safe in one of the building and on the beach far from the dune which was the focal point for the wave. This is all I really remember. Also the big wave building off shore as big white crests and the wave building up up up from that. Very strange and kinda scary. This is the first one in a while.
I thought before that Shekinah was trying to get my attention as my Matron. I have been lapsed in my studies and not been practicing any sort of regular observance. Maybe I am being told to step it up a bit...but how and why? Any thoughts folks?


Tigerlily said...

Beats my dream where I was being chased by a man in a sheep costume ;P Yes, too much chocolate before bed must be a bad thing. LOL. Have a safe trip. Write when you get back.

Whaledancer said...

Yes..chocolate before bed can be very baaaaaaad. hee hee heee