Friday, August 25, 2006

Totally Tired

I was gonna entitle this entry Totally Pooped but then folk might have been turned off thinking it was about bowel movements or something ("got up this morning and went to the toilet and totally pooped"). How gross would that be?
Rest assured I am only tired as a day at La Ronde standing in line after line after line can make a fat out of shape mother. Oy! My feet were sore and my leg aching when I got home, got the kids into bed, popped some Advil and CRASHED hard. I love my bed. If it was a man I'd marry it and never stray. Ever.
So this morning my loving spouse WOKE ME UP and announced we are not going camping today. That was the plan..camping at Lac Du Pins and tomorrow we'd go to Parc Safari. He feels its too much to deal with so no camping but we'll still go to Parc Safari. I don't know whether I am disappointed or not. I like the campfire and star gazing of camping. The bored kids I could do without. We don't have pals with kids to camp with here so the kids are stuck with us. And when you find a really good campground with friendly folks and friendly children its a real pleasure. We thoroughly enjoyed Risser's earlier this summer. The kids made friends on the beach with other camping kids and could play and bike etc. We enjoyed the beach and quiet nature of the area. I would gladly spend a week there. Or at least more than 2 nights.
Richard is stressed at work again. Some cases he was hoping would go smooth are not so much and his dreams for next years major dream purchase is iffy. It sounds so stupd in print and whiney that I can't type it in. Its just so ridiculous that sympathy would not be forthcoming and in sight of this weeks edict to only spend money on groceries (guess who overspent this pay??) it sounds even more ridiculous...going broke to buy something so luxurious. Uggh. I'm even a bit disgusted with us. Stupid spenders. BooHoo we are not rich...but we will spend like we are. Someone kick us please.
So....the count down is on to Monday..SCHOOL. Its really coming. I hope the kids enjoy their year. And make friends close to home so they feel less isolated Ben has a girl from his class just 3 houses away but she's a girl and I think goes to day care so that hasn't worked out. Not to mention I suggest going to the park or biking and get a resounding "Noooooooooo". What is up with that?
They are over to Mathieu's for birthday party today. They went early to play with him before hand. It was a last minute thing so I had no gift bought but I guess thats ok.
Time to go make like I'm useful. ugh


Tigerlily said...

LOL gal. Sorry to hear that you're totally tired... I think it's in the weather. I'm making soup. It's soup weather. My son learned how to turn on the dishwasher.. on and off and on and off. *le sigh* It feels like such a Monday.

Whaledancer said...

LOL @ dishwasher baby.
Thats too cute. And yes is is soup/stew/chili weather now. Brrrrrrrrrrrr