Monday, August 21, 2006

Bad word

The word to strike terror into the hearts of housecleaners evrywhere. The lurking prescence that..well..lurks and creeps up unexpectedly on even the cleanest homes.
The word, my friends, is MILDEW.
Thats right. Mildew, that rotten motherfucker, has invaded my family room and I am sincerely pissed off. I spent the day in intimate company with Bleach, Lysol and Febreeze (My homegirls) and we kicked Mildew's ass. But, as you know, he always finds his way back.
Withe this summer's humidity and going away a bit, I didn't notice the smell or marks on the wals and base boards. It seems to be only the North end of the basement but thats where our guests sleep so it makes it even more imperative to get rid of it. I scrubbed at mildewed areas with bleach, stripped the bed and washed the frame etc, sprayed the matress with Lysol then later again with febreeze just in case there was a smell of staleness or mildew. I washed the floor with bleach too. What we need to keep this from happening again is a dehumidfier. Its on the list of must gets. Because of the humidity the laminate floor down here buckled too. Its settled back down but I feel awful about the mildew thing. My house may not be the tidiest but it does get cleaned and having that creeping blotchy mess is not only gross but a health hazard if it gets too crazy. Not on my watch!! I opened up a couple more windows for more air flow too and to vent the noxious chlorine fumes and over abundance of Lysol smell. I need help with the computer desk...I want to make sure there is none behind it before I quit.
Nasty nasty nasty. At least its all fresh and disinfected for Joyce to stay over Wednesday night. I'll check it all again before Jessie and Harvey arrive late in September too.
This week is insane. We go to La Ronde Thursday and go camping Friday. Joyce is here Wednesday night. School starts Monday. I need another week just to be ready for it. The school shopping is done and all but where did the summer go?????? It seems like all I did was laundry!? Just one more week, Ma! I wanna have some fun!
I contacted a french course and will sit in on a class Monday night (Too soon!). Its also a Monday and Wednesday night class, reasonable price, and a 60 hour duration. For another $60 I get lab access for practice with the Rosetta Stone software but I gots my own Rosetta Stone program, eh?...its called my family. Maybe they'll help me practice.
I feel like hyper ventilating just thinking about it all. School..gasp..class..homework fights...wheeze...lunches...gak.... Gimme a bag...I need a paper baaaaaaaagggg! whoopwheeze..............


Tigerlily said...

You crack me up gal! I really hope you're able to tackle the problem. If it's any consolation, my sister-in-laws house was invaded by flying carpenter ants two days ago and they've been told they have over 10K+ of them. I'd opt for mildew any day.

Whaledancer said...

Eeeeew...flying bugs! Yuck! Wings AND too many legs.
We had them in the living room at the farm a few years ago. Mega yuck.
At least the mildew stays still enough to kill. Me and my homegirls will rest for a week or two and then see if we need to attack again.

Aurora said...

Going back to school? That is awesome, however i feel the same way!!! Holy crap i am scared!!!!