Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beowulf and Grendel

We watched this tonight and while its wasn't action packed or wordy , it was a good film. It makes one think a bit too. I felt sorry for Grendel, whom noone but the local seeress understands. Poor troll.
The film was well shot, scenery was spectacular in a rocky windswept way. I recommend it!
Also, on the case it says its just in french but its not. This means I didn't have to sit through subtitles on an English language film that had been dubbed in French. I was a mite tetchy on that point. :o)
Accents were sometimes very hard to decipher and why may I ask does everyone have an Irish or thick English accent when they were supposed to be Danes and Geats? Oy! Whats up with that?? Why, when a character is supposedly French or Spanish etc, does that character end up played with an English accent of some sort? Are the actors not talented in accents or didn't have time to train in the accent their character would have had? Can we realise now in the 21st Century that a film about anyone other than North Americans does NOT need to have British and associated accents involved to illustrate the characters differentbness. I think we could handle an Icelandic accent, or Norwegian or SOMETHING other than British Isles. I felt like I should be watching Rob Roy or Braveheart or something rather than Beowulf and Grendel.
I think we are all secure enough and astute enough, as film viewers, to handle other accents now. We're ready. At least I am.
Movie review and rant Fini! :oP

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