Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Feeling Crafty

But in a good way, not crafty as in sneaky. After our trip in July I began making a pair of Lovikka mittens. I haven't knit on it in a almost two weeks but will get back at it. This trip found me bringing home a sweet book on kids quilts and stuff (like a bean bag stool...cool!) Its a really nice book and explains applique pretty well etc. Man, I wish I had a stitch and bitch group to get together with. That would be nice, sitting and crafting projects in the company of others for an hour or two.
Anyways, I have the crafty urge to work on my mittens, buy yarn, and plan a quilt even though mine still isn't finished. This winter it WILL be done.
Ben was feeling poorly this morning...sort of threw up but then felt better. Its a gorgeous day...we MUST get out.

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