Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'll tell ya what I want what I reallyreally want........

I wanna go back to sleep.
This whole back to school thing is wreaking havok with my mood because of getting up early. Those who know me know that I am NOT a morning person. I am more of a noon, afternoon kinda gal. My preferable waking time is somewhere in the 10 to 11:30 ish range. 7 AM sucks the big one. All griping aside, I think that the new hours for the afternoon at school rock because I have more nap time. One might say "What??". I won't go back to bed in the AM for fear of not waking in time to fetch the guys for lunch . Morning is spent in a dozy coffee slurping fog of internet and chores. I will dress (shower optional) and go get the wee men for lunch, returning them to school for 1 PM. Then...yes...THEN..I will snuggle up on the sofa with my afghan and possibly a cat or three and snooze delightedly until the bus brings mes enfants home near 4 PM. Have I told of my love affair with the Ikea sofa? No? Perhaps another time.
Ok, so I checked the Concordia site again for continuing Ed which for some reason on previous visits made little sense (not enough coffee? too many distractions?). It MADE sense this time and I printed off the registration stuff for part time french conversation. I'm hoping for the Tuesday and Thursday evening class....mornings are bad (see above). Plus for me to get downtown for a 9 AM class from Terrebonne? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA...yeah right. Registration is tomorrow evening. i could wait for a later class (december, january) but Richard thinks I should strike while my determination is hot or I won't go. That has some sense.
On Dooce she was talking about not being able to go to the bathroom alone since her child was born. It got me to thinking, all moms go through this and if you have more than one child the phenomenon lasts even longer. My kids are 9 and 7 1/2 and unless the door is shut tight, and possibly locked and barricaded, they will walk right in and stand there talking to me or watching whatevers going on. My screeches for privacy get met with giggles and chantings of London and France and underpants or questions about why mommy wears a diaper (from which came the explanation of the uterus and its functioning). My kids may not recognize my need for privacy but by Gods they are educated. And possibly scarred for life.

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