Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crazy People

What is with some folk?
I was just on Dooce and she gets hate mail for her blog...what the fuck? Its a great blog, full of momness (I know, not a real word but its what I mean so deal.) and hilarity. If someone chooses to write something in their diary, and have ads on the side so she can make a few buck, why the hell does someone have to make negative comments? I'm glad, nay, THRILLED when someone drops in here once in a blue to say "hi, glad you're alive". Imagine if someone came to your blog and said something hateful. Geez louise..these people need to get a life..or a gun and eat it. (Ohhh..that was nasty.)
Away with the crazy people and let us all live in peace , love , and grooviness. With a cherry on top.

Today was rainy and a dreary. Went grocery shopping with Ben. He's such a cool kid. Great helper. We celebrated groceries by having fries on the drive home. I bought a Pink panther movie for Richard. His favorite one "The Pink Panther Strikes Again". It really is the funniest of all.
Ooh and happy news, my sister told me that she and her hubby will make the trip and stay with us for a night. This will be the first family to visit from my side. Yay!
School commences in one week. I am pricing and searching French courses. University Montreal has one two evenings a week and ends in November. I have to call tomorrow. I MUST get a grip on the whole French thing or I will lose my fucking mind. This has to take precidence this Fall, much as it pains me. Its just too damned hard to live here without it, what with dealing with a French school and a very French community and forget having a job if you are anglophone.
I sent An Autumn Lullaby to Susan in Winnipeg to see if she and Jacinthe can come up with a melody. She said she likes the lyric...isn't that nice?? I love sincere compliments! More please. I should buckle down and write more. haven't written a song in almost two years. How awful. we are all up to date. Nighty night.


Tigerlily said...

Momness is very much a word LOL! I am in a constant state of momness. There, used it in a sentence; therefore it is a word :)

Sorry your friend got hate mail. I hope she takes it with a grain of salt, as I'm certain there are tenfold as many people that enjoy the blog.

Whaledancer said...

Oh she's not a friend..its a blog I found through another entitled Dooce. I just don't get some folks burning drive to condemn others that they don't even know, you know? Also, she is very good with the hate mail and posts her favorites with appropriate responses. LOL Or, rather, INappropriate ones.
Thanks for dropping in TL.