Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can you say "Law Suit Nation"?

Ok...I'm watching the news and here's a story that makes me wish I could kick asses. This guy thought he won the lottery. He checked his numbers in the Gazettes summary page and it turns out that they were the wrong numbers(Gazette says "sorry, human error, very sorry"). On another page , the page with lottery details and the disclaimer that one should check with Lotto Quebec before quitting your job and mooning your boss, were the correct numbers but the guy didn't check there, went to the dep and fopund out he is still not rich, and now is suing The Gazette because he can't recover from the shock and disappointment that he is, in fact, not a winner. So..he is suing the paper because he is a LOSER.
I'm a loser too...who can I sue????????

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