Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I got this from Autumn's blog and it sounded fun. Grab the book closest to you right now and:
1) Turn to page 123
2) Skip the first 5 sentences.
3) Record sentences 6 through nine in your blog.

No searching for a cool book or anything. The book nearest your hands this very second is the only book you use.
The book closest to me was one of Richard's actually. The Legend Of Huma (Dragonlance Saga Heroes Volume one) byRichard A. Knaak.
"Huma brought his mount to a halt, then turned it. The two guardsmen still riding charged him from two sides, their intent to cross him up. The rider to Huma's rightswung a mean blow with his sword, and the rider to the left followed withanother an eyeblink later."
L'Equipeur had an awesome sale today. I got a tweed like jumper, a cool striped turtlneck, and two 3/4 sleeved tops, $4.99 each!! The regular price of the jumper was $39. heeheehee. I'll go back tomorrow and see if theres a jumper in my sister's size. The selection was great but not many things in my size. You have to love the end of season sale's eh?? There were skirts and pants etc too. I will wear my salt and pepper tweed jumper with a black turtle neck this winter.
That is all.


Aurora said...

Hello! I am so glad you stopped by my blog! :) Is the 16th smut book the one i recommended called outlander? I love that series! My mum used to sing that winnie the pooh song "up, down" with my brother and i . Again a fond memory.

Whaledancer said...

Nope not the Diana Gabaldon book. It was called Dark Highlander and he's a displaced druid. It was very readable unlike the terrible book I am reading now. If you write "He woke in a windowless room with only one door and no windows." You should not...NOT... be allowed to be published.
" I am short fat and proud of that, speaking poundage wise, I improve my appetite, when I exercise..."