Monday, July 31, 2006

Totally cranky

I am feeling very grouchy. Its the fucking humidity. i am sooooo sick of it. that an isolation making itself felt again. I should NOT complain or bitch and out loud I'm not...mostly just here. This Saturday morning I will be in the Echo and heading East alone. This is a very scary thing. Never drove that far away by myself except when we were moving and the guys were in the other car near by. I am beginning to rethink the decision. Why am I going? Because some need me back there. Will this be a joyous trip? I have no idea. I am sure parts will be fun but others will be me listening and supporting others. HA! It is to laugh. Would be nice to get a little of that this way but whats a girl to do? It's nice to be needed but also hard when you are also needful. T'is a conundrum is it not?
I am looking forward to beach time again. It will be fit in around everyone.
Anyways, humidity makes me cranky which just colors everything else in shade of bitchiness so I guess I should just be quiet. We had a lovely, togethery weekend the likes of which we haven't had in a while. It was a relief to have a happy husband and reasonably happy kids. THIS eases my way to happiness and contentment. Cuddly loving times.
Why can't this be life more often?
Thanks to inlaws visiting the kids and I didn't go to the brunch yesterday. It would have been good to touch base with the community. I guess it can wait until another time.
I've dried some lemon verbena and lemon balm for future use. Peppermint is next on the list for snipping and drying. It can wait until I get back.
I can't even think straight at this point.


Tigerlily said...

I feel your pain, I so do. I've never been happier to head to the mall to get into the A/C in my life, even with the headache of back-to-school-shopping Moms. Seems like every day they are forcasting rain, but yet it never does. It just looms and haunts and taunts, but for God/dess sake already, dump it!

Whaledancer said...

We just had a downpour but it won't help (note the defeatism)..waaah. Oh Goddess..back to school..ick ick ick. We bought lunch bags and a back pack today. Its all I can face so far.