Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just remembered....

I was just over on Cute Overload for my usual dose of extreme cuteness. One picture with captions has me chuckling big time.
Ok..back on topic..CO reminded me of a close encounter with nature we had eeaaaaarrrllly Sunday morning. Richard woke up thinking he heard something in our trash. He was right. A skunk had trashed our trash! Of course I had to watch his fluffiness at work and man, they are one funny critter. They always seem drunk to me. Wobblin' around like they do.
So, stinky is making out with the garbage and discovers...the bean can. Oh joy oh bliss, baked beean can covered in sauce on the inside nyum nyum nyum. Head goes in..can't get out. ROFL. Poor little fuzzer was staggering around with a can for a head. He did get it off very quickly so he wasn't tortured or anything. But oh it was cuteness to the nth while it lasted.
Thinking about it later I came up with something that would make a great live action or animated scene if I could make movies.
We come upon Stinky Stinkerson as he rummages in the garbages. He's having a happy ol' time and gets his head caught in a can of beans. Along comes Rocky Raccoon and Sinky's tail goes up 'Who goes there!!!?" "Whoa! Stand down there,Soldier, its just me!!!" You can use whatever voices you want..I have them sounding like back woods hillbillies, myself. ;oP
Trust me...in my head it was funnnnneeeee! But then again...many things are.

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