Thursday, June 15, 2006

When the going is tough.....

or even just quiet..slow...uuumm...I'm breathing...I go to Cute Overload for massive doses of cuteness. My heart gets all melty...I smile...I feeel ssoooooo good after a trip to Cute Overload...sigh. You must try it..Addicting but so good for you.
I have two new artists (to me they are new) that I want their CDs.. Matt Dusk and Natasha Beddingfield. I so want their cds. Matt Dusk does jazz and swing (think of Michael Buble but really really ridiculously good looking) and Natasha is on the radio now with "Unwritten". I am enjoying "All About Me" by Matt Dusk whenever I encounter it.
So...we found an awesome tent trailer and jumped off that cliff of "we want it lets buy it". We await word that we got the financing. By shopping around we saved about 2000 dollars compared to the local place and got more for our money thank you very much. (trailer hitch intallation and 4 bike rack) Its the same type trailer (Flagstaff) but one year older, has a bike rack on the roof, and the dealership included the trailer hitch we need to have installed on the Volvo. We are so stoked...want to go camping as soon as possible. And if we have this I am staying in NS with the boys for some extra time and maybe can go back more often (in camping season). This is exciting. I hope we get approved.
finger crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed...eyes crossed.......

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