Monday, June 19, 2006

Updates Updates Updates.......

Its Monday..let the updates begin!
Friday we were told that YES we get the tent trailer. Richard goes to the bank to give them papers and sign stuff today,Then gets the trailer hitch installed and fetches the tent trailer on Wednesday. Woohoo. Camping here we week. Mucho busyness this weekend. Saturday is the CMS Litha Ritual and Sunday is Pagan Brunch (can you say YUM?) for me and the kids whilst R goes to something Formula One.
The boys are finished school this Thursday..holy summer madness Batman! Its is about to be commencin'!
I super cleaned and maintained the pool this weekend before Richard got back (laaaaaaate Saturday night). It was ooky. What is UP with the algae this year? Last year we never saw a bit until August..this year it just will NOT stay away. Until now...I have taken things in hand and the pool looks fab. Clear and clean. I vacuumed (of course), tested (of course)..hmm lowish on chlorine..ok in goes a puck. Then I shocked with the oxygenating stuff. Next day(saturday)...hmmm...still not quite right... I purchased these nifty things called skimmer socks to line the skimmer basket and spare the filter some wear and tear. And got algaecide. No more guesswork either...I finally figured out the water volume and made sure enough stuff was added. And scrubbing took place again... It was a thing of beauty I tell ya! When Richard got home that pool was ready for serious hat weather action. Which arrived right on cue.
Holy sweatyness...ugh...It is hot hot hot and humid. We lounged poolside most of the day. Richard took Ben to soccer practice and later in the day the boys all went mini golfing and I napped in blissful peace. Blissful sweaty peace.
Richard and the guys arrived home to cool off in the pool and Richard then installed the AC unit in our bedroom window. We had pizza for supper and skinny dipped before beddies. Great day .
I think that covers everything...ooh..I was able to thin radishes and it yielded a couple of tiny ruby red globes for muchin's. Now I'm done..except for I bought a new two piece bathing suit. I think the sizing for Roots gear runs small...size 16 my ass! Its a red and white tropical looking floral tankini.

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